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10AppsManager: Uninstall / Reinstall Default Windows 10 Apps

Don’t feel like keeping a preinstalled Windows 10 app or badly want to restore an app that you’ve just deleted? Look no further, as we tell you how to install / uninstall default Windows Store apps with 10AppsManager in Windows 10.

Ever since Microsoft upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 8 and so on, the integration of the app store has been a benchmark addition to the OS. Never before was it even imaginable that a desktop would be able to have the same apps as a smart phone or play the same games as available to Android/iOS users but then came Windows 8 and voila. Everyone started playing Flappy Bird, Crossy Road etc on their desktops. With the app store came multiple hacks, tweaks and software to extract as much possible out of it and one of them is the 10AppsManager.

So what does 10AppsManager do? It is a freeware that easily allows you to remove or install all kinds of apps, including built-in Windows Store apps that are not so easy to remove.

Now this may seem like something that is already in Windows but what 10AppsManager allows you to do is that it gives you power over all the preinstalled apps as well. If you think you don’t need one, simply delete it. If you think you’ve deleted an app you urgently require now, simply re-install.

Now how to install / uninstall apps by using 10AppsManager, exactly? Let’s get started.

Step 1: Download the files from the link below and extract them.

Download 10AppsManager [TheWindowsClub]

Step 2: Create a system restore point in Windows 10. The reason why this is done is because this freeware sometimes fails to reinstall some apps so to ensure that you do not permanently lose those files.

Step 3:

Now run the 10AppsManager executable file. The snippet shows its UI.

UI for 10AppsManager for installing/unistalling apps

Step 4:

Depending on the file you wish to reinstall or uninstall, simply select the corresponding app and click on the command of your choice. To uninstall any app listed on the 10AppsManager UI simply click on it and uninstall. For reinstalling any app, click reinstall and follow the subsequent two to three steps procedure to retrieve that app. Install/uninstall apps by 10AppsManager; easy as pie.