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2 Best Free Password Managers For Windows 10

Since it is recommended you keep a unique password for each online service, and there’s too many online services these days, it becomes difficult to remember and manage them all. This is where password management apps come in! If you’re looking for the free ones, you should check out our brief list of the best password managers for Windows 10 that require no payment to work.

Before going into the apps, let me brief you guys about what password management is and how it emerged as a necessity for users. Password managers are programs that help users store and organize multiple passwords. Depending on the application, it can have cloud integration as well where all your saved passwords are synced across all your devices. So, in case anything happens to your local program, your passwords won’t be lost.

The typical way of how password managers tend to work are that users are first told to create a master password. This password is used by users to access the program which contains all of their passwords.

Why are we previewing password managers? The reason is that like myself, nowadays users tend to have accounts on many different websites. Different accounts mean a different, complex password for each. Remembering passwords for all of them is no less than a headache.

For example you probably will have accounts on Facebook, SoundCloud, Twitter, Gmail, Yahoo, Steam etc. How on earth would you be able to remember passwords for each especially when nowadays, most websites prompt user to create passwords with alphanumeric and special characters as well? This is where password managers came to the surface. They generate long, secure passwords and remember them for you. You just need your master password.

Password management has many advantages and disadvantages as well. While they may be safe and secure programs, most of them work on the principles of encryption which requires users to create a master password. If that master password is lost, the passwords become inaccessible.

Roboform – the best assword manager for Windows 10 (FREE)

While traversing through a host of password managers developed for Windows 10, Roboform was the one that caught my eye the most. Why? Because it packed a punch in just 15 megabytes of storage space*. Like most other password managers, Roboform also works on the principle of first asking the user to create a master password that will be used to open it. Once done, then you get to experience what’s inside the app.

Roboform has a very simple user interface. The designer probably went a simple but effective experience rather than relying on flashiness throughout the app.

Roboform, first of the 3 best password managers


  1. The first and foremost feature is Roboform’s password manager. Simple and easy to use, you can save multiple passwords in it and then access them later on with your master password. Note that your master password is not saved by Roboform’s servers so in the event that you forget it, it will not be recoverable.
  2. A powerful password generator. Password generators are utilities that automatically generate unique and secure passwords for you. They tend to be lengthy and are composed of random alphabets with no meaning whatsoever making them difficult to crack by brute-force. If you can’t think of a password, use the password generator, and save it in Roboform.
  3. The intuitive form filler feature. Through this feature, in case you ever need to fill in a web form which requires your address, name, phone number etc. you will be able to do that via a simple click. To set it up, click the Setup form filling button. Simply fill in the form in Roboform and save it. Whenever you need to fill it online, simply head over to the identity icon on the Roboform’s toolbar and you’re done.
  4. Password syncing with Roboform’s cloud storage. You can sync all of your passwords so that in event of Roboform getting corrupted due to unknown reasons, you won’t lose your data at all.

So that’s just about it about Roboform. Multiple features and a neat password manager make it an outstanding choice to work with. Simple UI and a small size make it readily available to users but be sure to remember the master password. Forgetting that would be disastrous! I repeat: it is non recoverable as Roboform’s servers DO NOT save your master password.

I’ll be use Robofrom myself now, and I heartily recommend it to others.

Download Roboform for Windows 10 [Roboform website]

*For folks with unreliable Internet access like yours truly, this is a definite plus!

Keepass – another good, free password manager

Keepass is another of a long list of apps that can help us secure our passwords. The reason we decided to feature it in our post instead of tons of other apps was because of its simplicity and good organization of passwords. The app is no more than 3 megabytes of size but it offers good password management which is what matters most. It works on the similar pattern of prompting users to create a master password which is used to access all of  your stored passwords.

Like Roboform, Keepass’s UI is very simple. In fact, it is simpler. No colors and nothing catchy there as shown in the image below. The icons don’t have any labels on them either so it takes time to understand the app.

A small paint job wouldn’t had hurt in my opinion.

Keepass, second of the password managers for Windows 10


The app is pretty small compared to other password managers with a size of no more than 2.8 megabytes. I’d like to call it a no-nonsense app which has been dedicated to one and one purpose only. Since it is a password manager, password management is its one and only strong point. However, no cloud integration is disappointing. Everything is stored locally in your installed program. You’ll have to use it with Dropbox to manage syncing if you want to.

It lets you save your passwords into categories which is very handy for password organization. Furthermore, it supports other languages such as Spanish, Italian etc. which might just be an incentive for users to try it out who are not that good with English and would instead prefer the app to be in their local language.

So that was Keepass. It is a small and simple password manager dedicated to do its main job in an efficient and organized way. If you liked it, find the download link after the jump.

Download Keepass [Keepass Website]


That is it for our coverage of the two best free password managers for Windows 10. We strongly recommend Roboform as it is more of a complete package which offers more than just password management. Furthermore with cloud integration, it makes your passwords more safe and secure across multiple devices. Keepass is a no-nonsense app that does its job tremendously well too, but lack of cloud syncing and a sparse UI make it difficult to recommend over Roboform. That’s it from us, adios and keep Windows Clan-ing!