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3 Best Free Collage Maker Apps For Windows 10

If you love making collages from your photos and other similar artwork, Windows Clan presents to you the 3 best collage maker apps for Windows 10 that happen to be free.

Collages are a combination of various photos into one larger image. These are popularly used on social networks and photography sites. People often use them for wishing birthdays to close friends, and for showing multiple photos from the same event.

Without collage making software, you’d have to work with complex programs like Photoshop. However, because there are so many free collage making apps available on both desktop and mobile, you’ll easily find something that suits your needs.

We’ve tested multiple apps and are here to recommend you the best, simple and free collage making apps for Windows 10. If you have any other recommendations, please let us know in the comments section.

PicsArt: The Best Collage Maker And Photo Editor

PicsArt is the most outstanding collage maker and photo editor available for Windows 10. It is packed with loads of features that will make you just go wow! Apart from the customary features such as photo editing tools etc, PicsArt houses unique features that make sharing collages, and working in it a truly wonderful experience. I’ve had the recent privilege in testing out various photo editor apps and PicsArt stood head and shoulders above the rest.

Like most Windows apps, PicsArt has a beautiful user interface. After you’ve downloaded and opened the app, it presents a beautiful menu listing all of the things you can do with it.

PicsArt: The best collage maker app for Windows 10


  • PicsArt has all the things that you need to customize each and every pixel of a certain picture. From tons of brushes to tools such as crop, clone, camera layer and enhancement – it has everything you’ll ever need. Apart from these, it also contains a drawing suite that lets you further enhance your photos by using text and image overlays, stickers and layers.
  • A friendly collage maker that lets you create collages in multiple ways and then subsequently share them on social media. Some of the ways in which you can create collages in it include grid form, free form, collage frames etc. Creating collages or birthday cards has never been this easier.
  • Superb webcam integration which includes a wide variety of filters and masks.
  • Excellent social media integration which allows users to connect with other artistic people who are using PicsArt and easy to share to other platforms such as Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • #freetoedit hashtag feature allows your image to be available to others for editing as well. It’s just like Google Docs where people can collaboratively work on one document without physically having to be together. This was one of the features that for me is quite stunning.
  • Competitions where you can compete with other PicsArt followers to win goodies.

PicsArt was surely created by someone who could think outside the box. With hundreds of features packed in just 40 megabytes or so, it is nothing less than a genie’s lamp. Be sure to try it out from the link below. Note that it is available on Windows Store as well so you can simply search it there as well.

PicsArt is our strongest recommendation for not just making collages from your photos for free, but also as an excellent photo editing app.

Download PicsArt for Windows 10 [Softonic link]

Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery is one of the most credible collage maker and photo editor apps available in Windows 10.

One of the things I liked most about working in Photo Gallery was how easy it was. The app is not as flashy and beautiful as most other Windows 10 apps. Its layout is somewhat similar to other Microsoft programs such as the PowerPoint, Excel, Movie Maker etc. with the customary Menu and tool bars occupying the roof of the application and containing all the features. There isn’t a flashy menu or colors that will make you say:”Hey, this is surely a Windows 10 app”.

The UI is pretty simple as shown in the image below. Don’t count on its simplicity, it is a beast on the inside as Imagine Dragons would testify.

Photo Gallery's simple UI


  • A very simple and easy to operate UI. It is very synonymous with other programs we tend to use daily so users will have no problems at all in getting familiar with Photo Gallery. Everything is laid dead straight on the Menu and tool bars making the app as simple as it can get.
  • This app contains lesser features than most other apps but importantly, these are the features that we tend to use the most which include all the customary and ever present features such as effects, filters and color mixing. Adjustment tools such as cropping and re-sizing are also included.
  • Collage making and creating a panorama have been made much easier by Photo Gallery. You can also fuse photos together and if you think the app lags behind in some features, you can download more features to it as well.
  • Social media integration is not that handsome but nevertheless it is enough to make one happy.
  • A movie maker that allows nice video editing.

That’s just about all Photo Gallery has to offer. Simple and easy to use are its main qualities. While it may not be a genie’s lamp like PicsArts, it does have the bigger and more frequently used features. Moreover, it does collage making really well. You can’t go wrong with this, either. However, there is still room for improvement. Found it interesting? Check it out from the download link below.

Download Photo Gallery [Microsoft website]

Collage Maker

Collage Maker is one of those apps which have been exclusively dedicated to one purpose and one purpose only, collage making. It simply won’t offer you anything else other than making collages, which isn’t a bad thing considering we’re discussing the best free apps for making collages in Windows 10. Like most other photo editor and collage maker apps, this app is not multipurpose.

The reason we decided to include it in the 3 best collage making apps is that while it may not offer multiple features, the app has the ability to create high quality collages. With a simple UI, everything is right there in front of you as shown in the image below.

Collage Maker's UI


Collage Maker allows users to make handsome collages by being able to manipulate even the tiniest of details about their collages. Color tones, masks, different layouts, text annotations etc. are some of its bigger features. The app, like the Photo Gallery is not like a typical Windows app. It does not have a flashy, beautiful and colorful UI. Rather it has a rather retro look you’d most likely find in Windows 98 software. So, that’s the only place for improvement.

Nothing much more to talk about here. What I can tell you is that it will work fine for your collage creating needs. It has all the tools to create a perfect collage. It is not a multipurpose app like PicsArt but it does its job well. If it has caught your attention, here’s the link to get it.

Download Collage Maker [Softonic link]

So that’s just about it for our coverage of the 3 best collage maker apps for Windows 10. We all know who the clear winner is (hint! it’s PicsArt) – but just in case for the people who prefer to use simpler apps such as the veteran community, they might have a different opinion. Whatever your opinion us, you can let us know in the comments below.

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