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3 Best Free PDF Reader Alternatives To Adobe For Windows 10

One of the easier truths about life is that the Adobe PDF reader is simply awful to use. To spare the pain of those who still use it, Windows Clan brings you the 3 best free PDF reader alternatives to Adobe Reader.

The PDF or Portable Document Format is one of the most well known file formats in the world. Whether it is the corporate world or the academic world, PDF documents are extensively used everywhere. As the name suggests, this format makes for easy transportation of different files to different computers with the surety that they will work properly on the other computer albeit requiring a a PDF reading software.

Portable Document Format was developed in the 90s to allow easy cross communication between computers of different platforms that didn’t have compatible application software to open that type of document. This was a major breakthrough as before this, any file transferred between two computers was subject to the condition that they have the same application software on which the sharer created that particular file. With the advent of PDF format, this liability was finally put to rest.

When PDF was developed in the 90’s, Adobe was the first developer company that made it available to the market for free. Since then, the word PDF format for many users around this world is incomplete. Instead, most of them know PDF as Adobe PDF. The Adobe PDF Reader initially did a very good job and received worldwide acclaim as one of the founding entities and distributors of this format.

As the PDF format gradually started increasing in popularity, so came the need for more PDF reader software. Initially, Adobe was always the de-facto choice when it came to getting a PDF reading software but as more and more software started emerging, the world started getting to know more about the loopholes that existed in Adobe’s PDF reader making it slowly fall lower in the pecking order.

Today, Adobe PDF reader is awful when it comes to performance. It is extremely slow and is very frustrating to work in. This prompted me to try a different PDF reader and along with it came the idea of bringing users the 3 best free PDF reader alternatives to Adobe. Let’s start!

Foxit Reader: The best free PDF reader for Windows 10

When at first the idea of writing a post regarding the 3 best free PDF reader alternatives to Adobe came to my mind, it occurred to me that what else can a PDF reader offer other than simply opening documents? Foxit Reader changed all that. Coming in at the summit, Foxit Reader is a splendid PDF reader and one which outclasses Adobe Reader in performance and features. It was easy picking it as the best one. So what’s in the app?

Foxit Reader, to my amazement, has an extremely beautiful Microsoft Office 365 look that simply blew me away. I personally love the way Microsoft has improved the look of their Office and seeing that Foxit Reader has adopted that very same template was superb as shown in the image below.

UI of Foxit Reader, our first feature in the 3 Best Free PDF Reader Alternatives To Adobe For Windows 10


  • Foxit Reader is not just a PDF viewer. You can annotate PDF documents through it by the help of a vast set of annotation tools for adding comments and highlighting content. You can also underline different text, draw different shapes with their easy to use drawing and text mark up tools.
  • A fast PDF viewer that will ensure you’ll never have to wait for PDF documents to open.
  • A wide array of integrated Microsoft Office add-ons makes for even more better grip on the editing of different PDF files.
  • It also allows data integrity by allowing users to protect it through rights management.
  • The reader has the ability to let users provide a signature whether in a computer font or their own hand writing which can be embedded into the PDF document as a means of increasing security. Users can validate documents through it which is surprising as to how secure and safe Foxit Reader is.
  • Receives regular updates that keep the PDF reader on its toes and bug free.
  • It allows customization according to a user’s taste. One can personalize the PDF reader and its toolbars to a certain extent as well.

That’s just about everything Foxit PDF Reader has to offer. A well crafted, pretty and easy to use PDF reader loaded with tons of features that make PDF viewing, editing and annotating all the more enjoyable. The app is a little bulky but that’s sure to be expected from a program that offers a lot. If you liked what you’ve read, head over to the link below to get the Foxit Reader.

Download Adobe Reader alternative ‘Foxit Reader’ for Windows 10 [Foxit Software]

Nitro PDF Reader:

Finishing second in our race of the 3 best free PDF reader alternatives to Adobe Reader is Nitro PDF reader. Mostly similar to Foxit Reader in features and looks, it is by no means a pushover. It is one of those apps which is not just a simple PDF reader but a complete package that gives users its all in terms of nifty features and performance. That is what prompted us to include Nitro PDF Reader in our top 3. Moving to the app.

Nitro PDF Reader’s UI is very similar to the Foxit Reader. It follows the similar pattern of Microsoft Office apps where important tools are lined up at the top as shown in the image below. It is very welcoming with this welcome page too!

UI of Nitro PDF reader, our runner up in the 3 Best Free PDF Reader Alternatives To Adobe For Windows 10


  • The first and foremost of its credible list of features is its PDF viewer. Fast, reliable and easy to use which is surely going to make you forget all about Adobe’s PDF reader.
  • Loaded with editing tools but not quite as much as in the Foxit Reader, you can adequately annotate, underline, highlight and what not to the text in your PDF file. Adding text is also allowed. The editing features just don’t stop here as the more meaty and extensively used editing features such as crop, resize, insert etc. are also a part of this PDF reader.
  • The PDF reader also supports conversion from different formats to PDF.
  • Compatible with other Microsoft applications such as Power Point, Word etc. Allows import/export of PDF documents with them.
  • Security features that allow you to safely work with your PDFs.
  • Cloud integration allows ultimate data integrity in an event of mishap with your local application. It also allows easy sharing of documents between different users as well.

Like everything comes to an end so have the features of this wonderful PDF reader. With just over 34 megabytes in size, it provides stiff competition to our premium recommendation. However, it does fall a short way in toppling it. Nevertheless, the program is sure to satisfy the bulk of your PDF reader needs and is a very good, if not the best, choice available on the Internet. Be sure to try it out from the link below.

Download Nitro PDF Reader For Windows 10 [Softonic]

Sumatra PDF:

I just love no nonsense apps. They’re small in size making them easily downloadable at slower connection speeds, are very good at what they’re supposed to do and they tend to keep me out of going into the more complex programs. Sumatra PDF races in to make it at third place in our 3 best free PDF reader alternatives on Windows 10.

Sumatra PDF is simplicity at its best. Clearly designed by someone who wanted a simple app that would do what it was supposed to without diverting the users of the main purpose of this PDF reader. The app is very good when it comes to handling PDF documents and is sure to cater for all your PDF viewing ONLY needs very nicely. Let’s jump into the app!

Sumatra PDF is the opposite of a typical Windows app and the apps we’ve just covered above. Its UI is nothing like the aforementioned apps but that is something a no nonsense app thrives on. A very simple Windows 7-ish looking layout with a toolbar that contains a small amount of buttons. Apart from that, there’s nothing flashy and I have to say that the UI could’ve been a little pleasing to look at as shown in the image below.

UI of Sumatra PDF, third in the 3 Best Free PDF Reader Alternatives To Adobe For Windows 10


As with all other no nonsense apps, Sumatra PDF hasn’t got a lot on the plate to talk about except for PDF viewing. Its PDF viewing qualities are really good and the app itself is extremely simple to use. The user simply has to click on Open a document, browse through the files for it and double click to open it.

The toolbar offers the Print button which can be used to print the PDF document through a connected printer, the zoom in and zoom out buttons which users can use accordingly while skimming through their PDF documents, the navigation arrows which users can use to shift between multiple pages in the PDF document and so on. There’s also a small Hide frequently read blue colored text at the bottom which erases PDF viewing history.

That’s pretty much what this bad boy has to offer. Simple, to the point and straightforward, Sumatra PDF is sure to be the choice of younger children and the veteran community. Both of these age groups tend to go with the easier things and this PDF reader is as simple to use as reading ABC. Though not packed with features (a trait of no nonsense apps) it adequately does its PDF viewing duties which is quite enough for many a users. If you feel like getting your hands on it, the download link is just below.

Download Sumatra PDF Reader For Windows 10 [Sumatra PDF]


That will be the end of our top free PDF readers for Windows 10. The competition was fierce as always but in the end you simply have to pick a winner, which is somewhat clear in my opinion. However, picking a winner out of these 3 certainly doesn’t make the other 2 losers. All 3 apps are very handy to work with. It’s only what sets them apart and that is why we strongly recommend Foxit Reader for your ultimate user satisfaction. Be sure to let us know which PDF reader made the cut for you.

  • Maks

    And I would add PDF-XChange Editor that works perfect in Windows 10