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Take 3D photos with iPhone 7 Plus using ProCam 4

A new app for iPhone 7 Plus lets you take 3D photos for an interesting parallax effect. Check it out!


When rumors starting flying around about the dual lens camera in the iPhone 7 Plus, I honestly expected it Apple to be working on some sort of 3D photos or a closely related feature. You know, like the Lytro camera? Being able to adjust focus after taking a photograph, or perhaps just adding a basic 3D effect to photos which would be activated when you tilt your iPhone.

Yet, when Apple announced the iPhone 7 Plus, it turned out to be a fairly simple dual-lens system. At least right now, you can only use the iPhone 7 Plus’ second lens to take zoomed photos. There is no other use for it right now.

Going forward though, Apple will be releasing a nifty “Portrait” mode which adds a DSLR-like blur to the background of your photo’s subject. It is expected to be made publicly available in iOS 10.1, which is in beta right now.

So, going back to the original idea: is there any way to take 3D photos with the iPhone 7 Plus?

Introducing ProCam 4


ProCam 4 is a popular, advanced photography app for iPhone. It allows you to do things like take reduce the shutter speed, add a timer to photos, additional video recording resolutions, manual controls, and a lot more. The latest update of ProCam 4 includes an interesting new feature that is, to our knowledge, a first: the ability to take 3D photos.

3D photos add an extra layer of depth to your otherwise two-dimensional photos. If you tilt your phone, you can enjoy a parallax / perspective effect similar to what you see on your iPhone’s homescreen.

To take 3D photos in ProCam 4, you just need to activate the 3D mode. The app will guide you the rest of the way.

Here’s how a 3D photo looks like, as taken from the ProCam 4 Twitter profile:

This is hardly as nice as I had imagined. Based on the GIF they’ve shared, the 3D photos that ProCam 4 delivers are essentially a combination of two photos – one from the telephoto lens, and another digitally zoomed one from the wide angle lens.

Yet, this is just the first update. I’m hoping they’ll keep working on the feature. I’d love to see add smooth parallax effect in some photos. They would really stand out on my Instagram!

Download ProCam 4 [iTunes App Store]