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4 Epic Fun Keyboard Pranks For Windows 10

Celebrate April Fool’s Day with Windows Clan through these incredibly cheeky keyboard pranks to surprise your mates. Let’s show you how to set up these joke apps!

1st April has become one of the most well-known dates in the world as April Fool’s Day. On this day, many people celebrate banter all over the globe by tricking their loved ones and sharing a laugh together.

If you’ve been wondering what prank are you going to play on someone, Windows Clan is here at your service! This article contains some special tricks which you can use to prank your colleagues, family etc. simply through their keyboards. For this purpose, we will be discussing an app called KeyPrank! It has been exclusively developed to make your April Fool’s Day a memorable one.

KeyPrank is a website which contains 4 different keyboard tweaks which you can use to fool your friends and family alike. Each tweak changes the behavior of your keyboard in a unique manner leading to it doing absurd things once you start typing. You simply have to download it on the friend’s computer and watch the magic unfold.

There are 4 different types of fun keyboard tricks:

  1. SPACE: Through this tweak, when you’ll press the space bar while using any text editor (including facebook statuses etc.), instead of generating a space it will display the word ‘SPACE’ each time you’ll press it. This will create an illusion of sorts that something’s wrong with the space bar and it will continue to act that way, confusing your mate in the process.
  2. vOwEl: This causes the keyboard to automatically type all vowel characters in uppercase while the rest of the alphabets will be typed normally. The Caps Lock will have no effect on it whatsoever, thus leading to your office-mates or friends getting really infuriated.
  3. ADCBE: ADCBE prank causes your keyboard to randomly shuffle its functioning and none of the keys will display what they are supposed to. For example, A will output something like G, and V will output an F leading to the user not being able to type anything meaningful no matter how hard they try. Epic!
  4. LOL: This tweak causes each keystroke to be replaced by the words ‘ROFL’, ‘LOL’, ‘LMAO’, ‘OMG’ , ‘TROLL’ or ‘WTF’ trolling your colleagues with each key press in the process.

Demo of different keypranks

To turn it off, you can either open the Task Manager and end its process from there. You can also disable it by simply restarting your Windows computer.

That’s all you folks need to know about KeyPrank. Happy April Fool’s Day and do enjoy KeyPrank-ing your friends, family or colleagues from the link below.

Download KeyPrank keyboard apps [Official website]