How to access websites that block ad-blockers

You now need an anti-ad-blocking script to access some websites.


A few years ago when ads on the Internet became really obnoxious, users began to use ad-blocking browser extensions. Using these extensions saved users appreciable bandwidth, improved browsing performance, and made for a better user experience.

However, it created ad revenue losses for websites which rely almost exclusively on ads to pay the bills. Some websites responded by politely asking users to enable ads on their website, while others took a more aggressive approach where they out-right blocked users with ad-blockers from accessing their website. Examples right off the top of my head include Forbes, and The Atlantic, but there are many, many more.

So, now users and developers are responding to the more aggressive tactics by using anti-ad-blockers: browser extensions which hide ad blocking functionality in your browser so sites like Forbes and The Atlantic cannot detect you have an ad blocker. A handful of websites have already figured it out, and are blocking access to anti-ad-blockers. I kid you not: anti-anti-ad-blockers are already being developed and used by an active minority. We will stick to discussing anti-ad-blockers for now, though. Anti-anti-ad-blockers we’ll treat later.

How to bypass websites that require you to disable adblock

For now, implementing this requires more than just a simple one-click install. As a result, we recommend this only to more advanced users who know what they’re doing.

Please note that this method has been verified only on Firefox and Chrome.

Step 1 is simple. Download and install your favorite ad blocker. We recommend uBlock Origin.

Step 2 is to install Tampermonkey, a popular userscript manager.

Step 3 is to visit the Anti-Adblock Killer page on GitHub and install their scripts in Tampermonkey as well add their Anti-Adblock Killer list to your adblocker.

That’s it. Now you can keep your ad blocker on while accessing sites that block your ad blocker. I personally think this is getting out of hand, but to each his own.