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Action Center & Cortana Will Soon Get Cards-Style Interface

Microsoft’s biggest event for the year 2016 is just a matter of hours away. The event is due to broadcast Microsoft’s unveiling of the 2016 build which is expected to be the biggest change Windows 10 has seen to date. One of them is the widely expected Cards-Style interface for the Action Center and Cortana. Below is all what the fuss is about!

The Build 2016 for Windows is dubbed as the revolution Windows 10 has been crying for ever since its problems surfaced. Users have been calling for a major improvement from the American behemoth as Windows 10 has repeatedly had its fair share of recurring problems. Though Microsoft has tried to fix these niggles through many insider preview builds such as the 14295 and cumulative updates e.g. KB3140741, it hasn’t really worked out for the best.

Build logo

Although the Build 2016 is not here upon us, yet, the rumor mill has churned up quite a few surprises of which some such as the Cards-UI for Cortana and Action Center are all but confirmed to make their bow in Microsoft’s latest increment to Windows 10.

The Card-UI has been a component Google has been using a lot. It is dubbed as the future of the web because of its beautiful designs and the ability to do ‘Everything at once’, the famous phrase Microsoft associated with the Windows 8. The feature boasts the ability of Windows to add interactive cards to the Action Center which can be a miniature version of certain apps or things that remind you of some particular event you have earmarked on your calendar etc.


The interactive cards will take make the Action Center their new home and you can also access them through voice input from Cortana. Furthermore, the introduction of filters to the Action Center is dubbed as a real possibility. The filters will group the type of notifications you’d wish to see which you’d be able to directly access through the Cortana e.g. All Social Media notifications will be grouped under social apps making them easier to access through Cortana.

Other than that, the Cards-UI will also allow other Windows Store or third party apps to induct their own cards into the action center with their own set of unique perform-able functions. In short, everything will be much easier to access after the Build 2016 gets underway. The Action center and Cortana have just gotten much stronger.

The Action Center just got even more powerful

That’s just about all about one of the exciting new features expected at the Build 2016 conference tomorrow. If you’re particularly interested in it, view the build conference right here on Windows Clan. However, before we sign off, we’d do like to point out that the Cards-UI is not 100% sure shot to creep its way into Windows 10. Any last minute decisions can lead to it being put on hold for the future or it being left out for good. Anyhow, all will be confirmed in just a matter of hours!

(Via WinBeta)