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Action Note: Take Notes From Windows 10 Action Center

Apps galore! Windows Clan brings you another must have app called Action Note.

Taking notes is something we tend to do many times a day. If you see something which you wanna might remember for some occasion later on or whether it is a boring technical and business writing lecture, taking quick notes is something very common.

Previously, an app called ‘Sticky Notes’ allowed you to take quick notes. They’d stick to your desktop so that you could see them all the time. That served users very well indeed as not only they preserved what the users wanted to, the fact that the notes used to stick on your desktop made them constant reminders as well. They worked very much in the same way people tend to stick a message to their fridge for others to read.

An indie developer thought about taking the very same idea and they ended up with developing Action Note. It is a very well crafted app with superb features that makes taking quick notes, rather I should say action notes, a very simple thing indeed. It is another one of a long list of apps such as Clovercopy contents etc. which make our Windows 10 experience much more smoother. Let’s get straight into action note.

Action Note has a very beautiful UI, a term synonymous with all modern Windows apps. Its main interface simply lets you get to typing your action note without any stoppage at all.

Action Note: Take Notes From Windows 10 Action Center

The bar in the bottom right contains icons that give you the functionality to share your note, pin to start, attach files to it, close it or save it somewhere else on your desktop. Click on the last button in the list of icons and it will enable the names of what each icon is meant to do.

One of the more intuitive features of this app is the speech input. You can access it by clicking on the second icon starting from left of the bar. What it lets you do is that instead of having to type your note, you can simply read it out to action note and it will keep on adding everything to your note as shown in the image below.

Speech input in Action Note

It will lead to:

Action Note: Take Notes From Windows 10 Action Center

The sticky notes in Windows 7 were good but action note simply brings a lot more to the plate. Be sure to try it out from the link below.

Action Note [Windows Store]

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