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Adblock For Edge Is Coming Soon

Microsoft Edge currently has little to no protection against ads through extensions, but Adblock for Edge is coming to fix all that! 

A few weeks ago, we discussed how a program can solve your problems of ads in Microsoft Edge with the help of AdFender. While AdFender is a viable and working solution, an extension is easily a much preferred solution to a long term problem.

Adblock has announced [Adblock] that their ad disabling extension will be available for Microsoft Edge in the near future which should act as a glimmer of hope for those people who are just itching to actively use the new browser in Windows 10, but due the lack of extensions, comes as a nuisance when visiting sites with a lot of ads.

Proof that Adblock for Edge is imminent.

According to the extensions official website, you can expect the extension to be among the first extensions to kick start the Edge-extension revolution that the web browser so desperately needs. In the modern era, a web browser without extensions is just unheard of. There used to be a time where extensions were seen as an internet luxury, but now have evolved to a need, with Adblock being an essential extension.

As you can see, Adblock exists on almost every OS and web browser to date. Launching Adblock for Edge is definitely a wise move from the company to make sure that they have users covered on all the bases of the internet.

While Microsoft still hasn’t given a fixed time window on the launch of extensions for their web browser, it is expected for them to launch around 2016 and according to Microsoft, developers can easily export their extensions from one platform to Edge with little to no difficulty.

This should prove to be of great convenience to developers since it will give their extension a whole new platform to explore, while also giving users the benefit of the extension on a new a web browser.

I know I am one of the people who is ready to use as soon as Adblock for Edge launches, what other extensions are you going to hold out for before switching to Edge as your first browser of choice?