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Quickly add Calendar events from Taskbar in Windows 10

A new feature in the Anniversary Update for Windows 10, released earlier this month, allows for users to look through their events and add events with speed and ease from the taskbar.

If you are pre-occupied and don’t have the time to open the Mail / Calendar app to add an appointment, simply open the clock from the taskbar, navigate to the date on which you want to add an event and click on “Show agenda” at the bottom right of the clock.

Quickly Adding an item to the calendar.

This will give you a new option, denoted by the + sign at the top right in the image below, to add an item to your agenda quickly.

Adding a new event.

The Mail / Calendar app will open for you instantaneously to the “Create an event” box, allowing you to quickly add and create something.

The app opens for you in moments!

While also being useful to quickly add items, you can also see upcoming items from the calendar.

Your event being added.

 The synergy between Windows 10 Calendar and Anniversary Update also allows for Action Center to deliver you notifications for the upcoming event should it slip your mind.

The new feature also allows you to see all your active items for the coming weeks right from the comfort of your taskbar through the clock, so that you don’t have to leave your desktop or open a new app when it comes to checking your schedule.

A nice addition

Unfortunately the notifications mentioned above are an exclusive feature for the Windows 10 desktop. You can not avail this on Windows Phone at the moment, so we can only hope that a possible integration comes with mobiles in the future.

Quickly adding and seeing your appointments or items on the agenda is truly something that is an essential for anyone now a days, in the high-octane lifestyle where you are constantly on the move.

The push notifications delivered to you from Action Center really help make the entire process very beneficial for people who are quick to forget.

While this is something I frequently use, let us know in the comments section if you plan on making use of this feature or if you were already using it as of the Anniversary Update!