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Add Folder To Your Taskbar For Faster Access

Make quick work of different folders by learning how to add folder to Taskbar for faster access in Windows 10.

The Taskbar is just like an assistant, servant or butler. Whatever you call it, it’s there to assist you all the time. It is one of the very few things other than the right click menu which users can access from anywhere in Windows.

The Taskbar has the capability to hold many important items or most frequently used programs of your choice. Taskbar has been one of the ever present features of Windows but it has received the most significant upgrade in Windows 10. While it has always contained system tray icons in its right side, the Task View and Windows Search bar are the newest additions to it.

Since the Taskbar is accessible from almost anywhere in Windows, wouldn’t it be a nice idea to add folder to taskbar which you frequently tend to use? We all have some specific folders which we generally access a lot. So, having the Taskbar carrying it for us everywhere would be a welcome feature for most users.

Furthermore, with this functionality you won’t have to specially go to that folder manually and then open it to access it contents. What you simply have to do is click on it in the Taskbar and access its content as simply as shown below.

 Add Folder To Taskbar For Faster Access

If you liked it, here’s how you can add folder to Taskbar in Windows 10.

Step 1: Right click on the Taskbar.

Step 2: In the context menu, expand Toolbars.

Step 3: You can select a folder from the list of folders or you can add a new folder by clicking on New Toolbar as shown in the image below.

Steps to add folder to taskbar

Step 4: In the resulting window, browse to your folder and select it.

After you’re done, that folder will appear in the right side of your Taskbar, on the left of the System Tray. This feature is somewhat similar to copy contents. You can access the contents of a folder without having to open it. Be sure to check it out as well. We hope you found this useful, stay tuned for more.