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Add Settings To Right Click Menu In Windows 10

Want one click access to Windows Settings? Simply add settings to right click menu.

The Difference Between Settings & Control Panel

Settings app is the go to place in Windows 10 for most of your settings. It mostly contains basic settings that you may frequently require such as changing color of the taskbarchange wallpapers etc. It is one of the newer Windows features as it was recently inducted into the OS in Windows 8.

Before settings, the program that was responsible to oversee everything related to your computer’s settings was the Control Panel. From the most basic of settings to the more complex ones such as the ability to change mouse pointers were available in it. Tons of settings that could manipulate every single thing about your computer from its working to external components could be found here as well.

The question arises as to why did Microsoft developers decided to include both the Control Panel and Settings app in Windows 8 and so on. In my opinion its just a way to separate the more complex settings from the more regularly used ones. Besides, Control Panel contains mostly the settings that should not be meddled with. So, it might be a good idea staying away from it and making the most out of the Settings app.

How To Access Settings Quickly

If you’re a Windows power user like I am, you might need to access Settings more frequently. I have been facing a problem from sometime that my Taskbar stops responding to my clicks and the Windows button which makes everything – that is only accessible via the Start Menu – not accessible. I have to restart my computer to fix it. This feature came in very handy in situations like these. So, to add settings  to your right click menu like I did, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Download the .reg file from the link below.

Settings [Jumpshare link]

Step 2: Double click on it.

Step 3: Click on Run as shown below.

Add Settings To Right Click Menu In Windows 10

Step 4: Allow When prompted for UAC.

Step 5: Let it complete its processing. When done, right click on your desktop to see the desired result as shown in the image below.

Settings in context menu

Voila! Now you can access settings wherever and whenever you want to via a simple right click!