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Adguard is a better alternative to uBlock and AdBlock Plus for Edge browser

There’s a new ad blocker in Edge-town.

AdGuard adblocker menu on Edge

Microsoft Edge has come a long, long way since it was released with Windows 10 in mid-2015. Arguably the biggest missing feature on launch and for about a year after was its lack of support for third-party browser extensions. This would stop power users of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox — who routinely have at least 2-3 extensions — from making the shift to the built-in Windows browser, yours truly included!

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Fast-forward to today, however, and we have a thriving Edge browser extensions scene. Most of the popular extensions have made their way to Edge including the likes of Reddit Enhancement Suite, Save to Pocket, and of course ad-blockers like AdBlock Plus and uBlock Origin.

Of course, because they’re relatively new, these extensions are not as rock-solid stable as their Chrome/Firefox counterparts. uBlock Origin is a decent example of this. While it works flawlessly on Chrome, it sputters a bit on Microsoft Edge. I’ve seen several reports from users complaining it doesn’t let them use a bunch of websites without the blocker turned off. I know, for example, uBlock Origin causes trouble with my bank’s website. Similarly, some users report AdBlock Plus to be inefficient at blocking the ads completely.

Adguard settings on Edge

In any case, if you are dissatisfied with uBlock Origin or AdBlock Plus, consider using the new Adguard AdBlocker for Microsoft Edge. It offers the same basic featureset as any other adblocker:

  • Block ads, and harmful scripts on websites based on established, community-maintain filters
  • Temporarily pause ad-blocking
  • Whitelist ads on websites you trust

What makes Adguard attractive for ad-blocking aficionados is its reputation for being a reliable ad-blocker. Unlike uBlock Origin which as mention stops a lot of websites from working properly, Adguard will let you do your work while silently blocking ads and scripts in the background. Unlike AdBlock Plus, it will do a more thorough job of the same, while promising to use less computing resources. Adguard enjoys a great reputation on other browsers, so we expect that to continue on Edge.

Download Adguard for Microsoft Edge [Windows Store Link]