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Adjust PC Volume From Mouse Wheel With WheelsOfVolume For Windows 10

Sometimes, its just too difficult to pick your hand up from the keyboard and move your mouse to do something on the screen. To avoid such a pain, WindowsClan brings you how you can adjust PC volume from mouse wheel with WheelsOfVolume in Windows 10.

People who use computers extensively can relate to this easily. Although our keyboard and mouse are separated by just centimeters of space, while typing people tend to find it extremely annoying if they need to use a mouse to close a window, pop up or any other app on the screen. The keyboard and mouse seem yards away but as we have no other option, we just lumber our hand towards the mouse and click to get the job done. While there are ways to control PC volume from your keyboard (using the concept of keyboard shortcuts), which are beyond the scope of this post, we can decrease a little bit of your agony by revealing how you can adjust PC volume from mouse wheel with WheelsOfVolume without having to move your mouse that much.

WheelsOfVolume is a rather handy app for all those users whose keyboards do not boast volume adjustment keys. It is made possible by a free Windows app that allows you to adjust PC volume from mouse wheel. It involves no trouble, simply follow the following steps and get your mouse wheel rolling.

First and foremost, download WheelsOfVolume from the link below. When downloaded, install it and then run it on your PC.


This app works on the principle of active areas. Active areas are the portions on your screen where keeping the cursor and then scrolling the mouse wheel would adjust PC volume. Generally, there are three active areas: Taskbar, the desktop and the top right corner of your screen. To adjust PC volume from mouse wheel, the cursor must be placed in any of these three areas. Move your cursor to any of the three active areas and then scroll your mouse wheel to adjust PC volume as shown in the images below.

Before adjusting volume:

adjust PC volume from mouse wheel without any trouble

After adjusting PC volume from mouse wheel:

illustration to adjust pc volume from mouse wheel

Simple but convenient, stay tuned for more coverage on the small tips and tricks that will make your Windows 10 life easier on WindowsClan.