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Annotate Websites With Edge Web Notes

Microsoft Edge comes with a beautiful feature called web notes. Let’s get you familiar with it.

Microsoft Edge is one of the latest inclusions into the Windows family. It is something Windows fanboys have been craving for a long time specially as the Internet Explorer has failed to provide adequate functionalities to cater their browsing needs.

Microsoft claims to have upgraded the Internet Explorer in Windows 10 by introducing Internet Explorer 11. Quite frankly, one cannot find much difference between the previous Internet Explorers and this one. So, if you feel that it is surplus to requirements, Windows 10 allows you to uninstall it.

According to recent reports, Microsoft will only provide support to Internet Explorer 11 come January next year. This is a step to shift their focus on developing Microsoft Edge as Internet Explorer 11 is not receiving much appraisal from users.

Microsoft Edge finally is a Windows-exclusive browser which provides stiff competition to the likes of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. It is an all purpose browser with a nice theme and automated features such as the Edge sync. These goodies just don’t stop here as we bring you Edge web notes: A feature that lets you annotate web pages and save them.

Web notes is similar to the way you can annotate different images, websites etc. on Samsung’s Note series of phablets. It is a beautiful tool that you can use to cut, copy, paste, annotate or edit different websites. You can access web notes by searching for any website and then clicking the web notes button as shown in the image below.

 Annotate Websites With Edge Web Notes

Once you’ve clicked web notes, you can select different colors for your brush or highlighter. Besides these two, the menu bar also contains the eraser, add a typed note and crop buttons as shown in the image below.

web notes menu bar

After you’ve done selecting your brush, you can doodle around on your desired web pages. Mark, write or make shapes by simply moving around and press+hold your left mouse button.

use web notes to annotate images like this

After you’re done doodling around, you can rename and save it as shown in the image below.

Saving and renaming in web notes

Once saved, you access your web notes by following the steps in the image below.

access your web notes

This is just about it. If you liked web notes, be sure to let us know in the comments.