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Assign Programs To Different Audio Devices With These Apps

If you are like me and want to assign programs to audio devices, then try these two apps and take control of your specific audio needs! 

There are a number of times where one would want to switch the audio output from one specific audio output device to the next. When I have to work, I use the laptops built-in speakers. However, for playing games, watching TV Shows or even for listening to my music, I switch to my much nicer Creative Bluetooth Speakers.

It is, however, quite the hassle to go to Sound Manager, finding the right option, and going through the cycle of switching repeatedly to toggle between specific devices.

With the help of two great apps, you might never have to leave your desktop again to assign programs to an audio device. CheVolume is a shareware app while Audio Router is still in development stages but is free to use and works really well!

CheVolume [Official Website] has a nice look and a semi-friendly user interface that will take you a couple of minutes to get used to, but it is a paid app and as such, is limited to a 7 day free trial.

CheVolume in action.

The next audio device control app we have is currently a work in progress, and is being by developed by a redditor by the name of Audio Router [Dropbox]. Currently, the app is still in development and testing, but works really great once you get past the slightly unfriendly user interface.

Audio Router does a great job at assign programs to audio devices

Of the two options, I would highly recommend CheVolume if you are willing to spend the cash for a long term investment, otherwise you can download and use Audio Router for the time being and stick to it until it finishes development.

Keep in mind that there will be times where the audio might routinely crash and you might lose the ability to use devices connected by AUX. This was the case for me at least where both apps would eventually crash at one point to any of my AUX-connected speakers, while Bluetooth speakers worked fine.

If you are a user who like assign programs to audio devices, let us know which program from the above got you hooked and whether you have had any issues with using them? 

  • LoganTheDragon

    I personally prefer Audio Router because I can duplicate the audio to be heard by multiple speakers. So I can have music playing through both my desktop speakers and my headset, but my game sound only coming through the headset.
    Both programs work very well for me though, and CheVolume definitely has the “prettier” interface.