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Auto-fill App Store password on iPhone & iPad with AutoPass

Find yourself annoyed by the App Store’s incessant password prompts every time you download an app, or make an in-app purchase? Check out this new tweak which will automatically authenticate your downloads and purchases.


For the longest time, iOS would force you to enter your iTunes App Store password each time you download an app. For people who use stronger, longer passwords, it would be deeply annoying to do this so regularly.

Apple later made it easier by introducing a 15-minute delay. If you entered your App Store password in the last 15 minutes, iOS would not ask for your password. Apple made things even easier with Touch ID, which reduced the password entering process to just a single tap on iPhone 5S and later.

So, today, we’re going to cater to a very niche kind of user. If you don’t have Touch ID on your iPhone, or don’t use it for some reason, have jailbroken your iPhone, and still prefer using a simple password for authenticating purchases on the App Store, then AutoPass is for you.

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AutoPass for jailbroken iOS devices

AutoPass is a simple, one-trick-pony of a free jailbreak tweak. It will automatically fill in your App Store password for you when iOS asks for it, and also automatically tap the “OK” button to initiate downloads. To use it, you first need to *shudders* give it your App Store password. The developer claims that your password is stored in encrypted form, and is saved locally only. It is apparently not accessible to the developer.

You can download it from Cydia after adding the repo at

Is it safe?

I would say: no. It is not a good idea to give your App Store password to any third-party. This is especially considering for most people who already have Touch ID on their iPhones. If you have it, please use that instead. It’s a lot more secure, and it only takes a second or two max to authenticate yourself.

Still, if you want to test AutoPass, there is a safe way. Before you install it from Cydia, change your App Store password to a temporary new one and activate two-factor authentication. This way, if the developer ever does use your password, you will find out when Apple sends you an SMS with a code to log in to your account.