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How To Auto-Hide Taskbar In Tablet Mode In Windows 10

An updated Tablet Mode in Windows 10 now allows you to set the taskbar to automatically hide itself after a few seconds. We show you how to turn this option on now.

Windows 10 comes with a nifty Tablet Mode that changes the user interface so you can easily use the touchscreen on your 2-in-1 hybrid. In Tablet Mode:

  • The Start menu takes over the full screen, somewhat similar to how there was a complete Start screen in Windows 8
  • Apps also open up in full screen mode. This works particularly well for universal Windows apps.
  • You can snap apps side-by-side with a drag-and-drop gesture. The black rail in the middle can be moved around to simultaneously adjust how much space each app takes on your screen
  • Since there’s likely no connected keyboard if you’re using your hybrid exclusively in Tablet Mode, Windows will show a special touch keyboard.
  • The taskbar changes somewhat dramatically: you’ll see a big <- back button that works just like it does on Android smartphones and tablets, a Search button, and quick access to Task view which is sort of like an app switcher.
  • To close apps, you drag an app to the taskbar.

As of typing, general Windows 10 users who use Tablet Mode will notice that the black taskbar stays there permanently. For those of you – like me – who want to maximize screen real estate or just enjoy their apps without any visual distractions, Microsoft has just released a preview of a new feature for the taskbar in Windows 10 Tablet Mode for Windows Insiders.

You can now auto-hide the taskbar in Tablet mode. To do it, launch the Settings app, and go to System > Tablet Mode. Now, you’ll see a toggle switch to turn automatic hiding of the taskbar. Turn it on from there.

Please note again that this is only for people on the latest Insider Preview Build. You won’t find this on your Windows 10 if you’re on the Threshold update 1511 that was released back in November.

Settings menu for Tablet mode in Windows 10

This is a placeholder image of the Tablet mode section in Settings > System. We’ll update this as soon as we get hands on the new option!

So how do you access the taskbar now that it gets hidden automatically? Just swipe up from the bottom edge to bring it back for a while. Oddly, to make it disappear you’ll need to swipe up again even though we really think it should’ve been a swipe down gesture. Heh! Maybe Microsoft will update this inconsistency when the auto-hiding option is made available to the general public as part of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update in June.