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Explorer: Best YouTube App For Windows 10

With the number of YouTube apps that are currently on the Windows Store, find out which app truly stands out from all of them and why we think so.


There are a great number of YouTube apps that occupy the Windows Store, with a majority of them being free such as Perfect Tube, and for those who can afford premium, MyTube, are only a few of the many to name.

In the past we have covered the various ways you can download YouTube videos, but why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?

Explorer for YouTube: The Best YouTube App + Music/Video Downloader For Windows 10

Today we will look at Explorer for YouTube [Windows Store], a truly spectacular YouTube app that is available on the Store which gives you plenty of options in downloading videos in several flavors INCLUDING MP3 downloads.

The biggest attraction of Explorer for YouTube to me is the brilliant use of the Universal Windows Platform (UWP), when you are resizing the app, the video playing adjusts accordingly, much like the relevant Netflix and Hulu UWP apps on the Windows Store too.

The app is small to download, clean and minimalist in nature. You have a brilliant and sorted combinations of icons in the left most toolbar of the app, and each will take you to the favorite category of your choosing, be it music, movies, games, etc.

In addition, the Windows 10 app also offers a much needed feature to download the video you are watching in MP4 formats making them easy to watch while on the move, or if you are listening to a song on YouTube, you can even download it as an MP3!

Explorer for YouTube: a Windows 10 app

If you are familiar with the current web interface of YouTube, you will have little to no trouble adjusting to the desktop Windows 10 app. Using the web version prior to this version was my preference, but after using the app, I am inclined to make the switch over to the app.

At the bottom of the app, you will find the settings button. Within that button, you will have options to adjust the player in the app with options which are almost unparallel to any other variant of the YouTube app.

For starters, you can actually select your default playback quality based on your personal preference and even your default frames per second! So if you want to watch 60 FPS on 360p, you can now do it through this app! Sounds impossible? Try it out for yourself!

Explorer YouTube app's sidebar in Windows 10 app

Additionally, if you want to wander around the app while watching the video, you can do that too since the video will shrink into a smaller window at the bottom left of the screen, allowing you to freely browse other videos or search for something new to watch without pausing.

Smaller youtube playing video in background

Another unique feature which truly stood out for this app is the use of the select box allowing you make your own custom playlist right from the search result!

YouTube browser Windows 10 app

You can see my custom playlist below and the 2 cherry picked videos I added are now in a custom playlist.

Explorer YouTube Windows 10 app

This is yet another feature that is absent in competing apps such as Perfect Tube, which to many people can be a huge convenience! If you are like me and are too busy or don’t care enough to sign into the app, you can do the above without ever signing into the app!

Now if you want to watch a series of videos without having to make a custom playlist by signing into YouTube, you can do just that right away!

The added benefit of signing into the app however, gives you access to the History tab in the app. This tells you videos you watched on the web version of YouTube AND what you watched in the app too!

This is yet another unique feature which truly shines brightly and saves you the trouble of finding a previously watched video on the app as long as you watched it while logged in to YouTube on the web version and are logged in to the app.

YouTube browsing videos on Windows 10 app Explorer

With all these features, a simplistic interface, fantatsic use of the UWP that is almost parallel to Unstream (my favorite twitch app on Windows 10), and coming with some much needed features that are absent in most other mobile applications of YouTube, there is practically NO reason for you to not make this your new favorite go-to YouTube app of choice on your Windows 10 computer!

Let us know about your thoughts on your favorite YouTube app and whether you are willing to give Explorer for YouTube a shot.

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