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Bluestacks 2: Run Multiple Android Apps At Once In Windows

Bluestacks 2 has rolled out a new feature that is sure to entice many Android users. You can now run multiple Android apps in the emulator for better testing.

Bluestacks has always been a fan favorite emulator for Android used by people who lack the green droid in their lives. It emulates the Android experience on Windows OS allowing developers to have a view at what an app can be like if they were to run it on their device.

The latest version of Bluestacks 2 has introduced a unique feature that is sure to turn a few heads of certain people who are avid users of the emulator.

The software now allows for a tabbed browsing experience, allowing users to seamlessly switch between one tab to the next and run multiple applications ala Chrome / Firefox Tab system. You can readily leave one app running in another tab and tend to another app in another tab with ease.


As you can see, this is a pretty big leap for the Android emulator in the world of Windows OS. Users of the emulator can now handle having multiple apps open at once so that you can get more value out of your experience with Bluestacks than ever before.

This software is primarily used by people who want to give apps a dry run before dumping them on their phone / tablet, or people who want to give the world of Android a shot before moving on to it. Bluestacks helps in running applications in their fullest capacity but of course, performance can vary from one device to the next, so just because it runs like butter on the emulator, doesn’t necessarily mean it will run well on your device.

The introduction of Bluestacks 2 brings a whole new game to the table. If you ever feel lazy and don’t want to play a certain game on your phone or tablet, you can use the software to emulate the experience for you and needn’t worry about leaving a user trace behind you. If you want to give the application a go, you don’t have to have a high end system, most laptops today can run the emulator with ease. You can give it a go by downloading it from here [BlueStacks website]

Do let us know in the comments if you are a user of Bluestacks and if this update was a significant reason for you to excited?