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Change Default Download Save Location In Edge

Microsoft Edge is improving quickly in ways big and small; the latest feature to make it into the Insider Preview release of Edge is the ability to change the default save location for downloads. We show you to how to select it after the jump.

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For Windows 10 1511 users, Microsoft Edge does not offer any option for users to manually choose a save file location which is an innate feature in most browsers of today.

Today, we are going to discuss a new feature in the Insider Preview Build 14316 that allows you to change the default download save location in Edge. We can hope that all these Preview features in Edge – such the ability to pin tabs, and extensions support –  will make their way to the Windows 10 Anniversary Update later this summer rather than being part of the second roll out later next year.

While Microsoft has rolled out support for extensions for their browser in the recent updates, this is another welcome feature which we hope gets incorporated in the final release of Redstone.

If you want to change the download location for all future downloads, you have to make sure you are on Insider Preview Build 14316. We will update this guide when Microsoft brings this feature to general Windows 10 users, and not just Windows Insiders.

You simply need to open up Microsoft Edge and navigate to Settings, then scroll down to Advanced Settings and click on View Advanced Settings. In here you will see a new option under Downloads which will let you select a new downloads location.

Opening Settings in Edge

Getting to Advanced Settings.

When you have selected your new destination to save downloads, Edge will remember the location until you upgrade the Insider Preview Build and you will have to repeat the process once more.

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In its current state (10586.218) there are honestly not too many reasons for users to migrate to Microsoft Edge when the settled browsers are offering them features in the present which Microsoft has yet to make available to the non-Insiders.

I use Edge now and then due to the few rare features that it offers but am still hesitant to making it my primary browser of choice. Hopefully, the Anniversary Update in June/July might give me enough incentive to make me reconsider that decision.

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