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Change Default PDF Reader In Windows 10

By default, Windows 10 makes Microsoft Edge open up any PDF files in the system, but if you aren’t content with it and think there are better programs, find out how you can change default PDF reader in Windows 10.

While there are a great number of programs out there that give you a great number of options more when using a PDF, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge do an apt job of showing you PDFs.

However, if you aren’t content with how PDF files are handled by either of these browsers, you can use this guide to change default PDF reader in Windows 10. 

With every cumulative update, the default app will always reset to the factory state. We have done a guide on how to prevent this from happening, but now you can expand the knowledge to using it for your PDF file viewing needs.

Steps To Change Default PDF Reader In Windows 10


Press Windows Key + S and search for default apps, you will get a new window open up immediately.

Opening up default app settings.

When the new window opens, look for “choose default apps by file type” which you will find by scrolling down the current menu.

How to change default PDF reader

STEP 2: 

You will be shown a behemoth sized list of extensions to choose from, scroll down until you reach .PDF and when you do reach it, you can click on the Microsoft Edge Icon to change the program to something of your choosing.

Changing from Edge to another app.

Clicking on Edge will show you the following box:

Changing how Windows 10 handles PDF Files.

Currently, I am content with having Microsoft Edge handling my PDF files, so I haven’t felt the need of bloatware or heavy programs such as Adobe Reader plaguing my system.

However, if you have more advanced needs when handling PDF files, then I recommend you do find an alternative app to Edge browser since the browser has a limited number of options when it comes to handling the PDF files with just giving users the bare minimum set of options.

You can replicate the above steps to further amend how various other apps are handled in Windows 10, and not just limited to the functioning of PDF files, but do be aware of the extension prior to probing into that immense list again, else you might make a mistake and tinker with an important extension that can effect your system.