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Change Inactive Window Title Bar Color In Windows 10

Here’s a nice registry tweak to change inactive window title bar color in Windows 10.

The title bar in Windows refers to the top of every window that contains the title of the window you’ve opened, as the name suggests so. The Title bar in Windows 10 is definitely one of its major let downs as it resembles to an out of view window as well due to its light grey color. It definitely is no match with the beautiful Aero Glass and blur effect of Windows 7 which is quite stupendously, not included in Windows 10.

Just like you can tweak your Start menu in a lot of ways such as disable its transparency, make groups of apps in it etc. Similarly, Windows 10 allows you to do much more with your Title bar as well. Among the many customizations you can apply to it, some are to be able to reduce its size, view paths in it etc.

In this article, we feature another brilliant tweak that you can apply to your title bar by the help of an old friend known as registry that is the way to change the grayish inactive window color. Registry files contain information about how the internals of your computer work. They can be edited to make changes not available freely on the Windows interface. This is from where the term ‘hidden features’ comes from.

Registry tweaking is for advanced users who have a know how about how the OS works. This is because these files are so delicate that any mishandling can malfunction your computer. Any attempt to render a particular setting can result in a beautiful tweak and on the other hand, cause a disaster. So, proceed with caution to change inactive window color.


Step 1: Open registry by typing in regedit in Windows Search.

Step 2: In the left side menu, click on HKEY_CURRENT_USER.

Step 3: Then click on SOFTWARE.

Step 4: Click on Microsoft.

Step 5: Click on Windows.

Step 6: Click on DWM.

Step 7: From the list of items in the right window pane, double click on AccentColorInactive as shown in the image below.
 Change Inactive Window Title Bar Color In Windows 10

Step 8: In the resulting window, type the RGB value of the color of your choice in the space provided under Value Data as shown in the image below. You may need to google the RGB value of your preferred color.

Add RGB value to change color

Click OK and close registry. That’s just about it. This will change inactive window title bar color.