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Change Intensity of iPhone Flashlight From Control Center In iOS 10

Have you ever wanted to change the flashlight’s intensity on your iPhone? Well, with iOS 10, you can do just that by pressing a little harder on the flashlight toggle in the Control Center. More details after the jump!


iOS 10 was announced a few days ago at WWDC. Feature after feature after feature. It’s incredible upgrade over iOS 8 and 9, which were relatively smaller releases.

Not all of the features were made prominent at the time of the conference, though. Because Apple had to keep the keynote brief, many hidden features weren’t announced officially. These were only discovered as people began using the iOS 10 Developer Preview.

3D Touch takes center stage in iOS 10

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If you are familiar with 3D and Force Touch in iPhone 6S and 2015 MacBooks, respectively, you will know these features had limited functionality. Most users were they were only for show.

In iOS 10, however, Apple has really made good use of 3D Touch for iPhone 6S. A neat little trick in iOS 10 allows users to use 3D touch on toggles in the Control Center.

Just a reminder: the Control Center is the menu of quick actions that shows up when you swipe up from the bottom edge of the display. Quick actions include the flashlight, Airplane mode, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.

When you press hard on the flashlight icon in Control Center, you will now have 3 intensity options. These intensities can be of help in various situations, such as finding your way in a dark room without disturbing people sleeping nearby.

3D touch flashlight intensity iOS 10

I know I’ll be using this option in the future. I’m a regular user of 3D Touch as well as the flashlight, so this is right down my alley. Will be using low intensity at night, and higher intensity to make it easier to look for things in more well-lit situations.

Other 3D Touch shortcuts in iOS 10’s Control Center includes the ability to “copy last result” from the Calculator, take a video/photo, slow-mo video or selfie from the Camera, etc.

Device Support


It goes without saying but only iPhone 6S and 6S Plus come with 3D touch so you won’t be change to change flashlight intensity on iPhone 6 and earlier. This feature is available in iOS 10 Developer Preview as of typing, and will be available for the general public when iOS 10 releases in Fall 2016.

Considering how Apple has tucked away these neat little features so carefully in the Beta, one can only imagine what other surprises lay in wait for the final release of iOS 10.

If you are currently on the iOS 10 beta, let us know your thoughts in the comments section below and what is your favorite feature of the OS.