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Change Mouse & Touchpad Scroll Speed In Windows 10

If you’re unhappy with the movement of your mouse or touchpad, Windows 10 allows you to change mouse/touchpad scroll speed without having to blink an eye. Here’s how to do it!

Change mouse scroll speed in Windows 10

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A little history on the Mouse

The mouse is one of the most commonly used peripherals of a computer. It is a pointing device used to navigate and select/deselect programs on the computer. Like all other external devices such as speakers, printer, monitor etc. you require drivers to ensure its compatibility with your machine.

The mouse is an ingenious device which has gone on a long journey of evolution just like all other inventions. It was first invented as a trackball in 1941 and has since seen changes in its shape, functionality and buttons. From the trackball to Apple’s magic mouse, the device that seemed to have little room for improvement is still undergoing splendid development.

Mouse customization in Windows

Windows 10 allows you to play with your mouse in many different ways. While it may not allow you to set a snake or rolling drums as your cursor like in Windows 98, you can change mouse pointers in it among numerous other customizations. Third party apps also go a long way with mice nowadays. Apps such as WheelsOfVolume allow you to do much more with your mouse than you could possibly imagine.

One of the other customizations applicable to mice in Windows 10 is that you can change mouse scroll speed in it. If you’re unhappy with the speed of your mouse and think it is too slow/fast, no need to go sniffing around to find a new one. Let Windows Clan do the job.

Steps to change mouse scroll speed in Windows 10:

  1. Open Settings app.
  2. Click on Devices: Bluetooth, printers, mouse.
  3. From the left side vertical menu, click on Mouse and Touchpad.
  4. Click on Additional mouse options below Related settings.
  5. Click on the Wheel tab in the resulting window.
  6. In the box under Vertical Scrolling, enter the value for your mouse or touchpad’s sensitivity as shown in the image below and click OK.

final step to change mouse scroll speed

That’s it. You can try in multiple values and check which value suits you best. Found it helpful? Do let us know in the comments below.