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Check PowerShell Version In Windows 10

The PowerShell is a great automation tool and command line shell for Windows. If you want to make the fullest of it, you should learn how to check PowerShell version.

PowerShell is simply a great tool for many people, especially when used to its fullest. The program opens up a gateway to greatly improving the OS and further unlocking additional features which we will be covering in future guides (we’ve previously discussed how to fix an error in the mail and calendar app with it).

PowerShell gives users unprecedented features and control to power users. The purposes of PowerShell are endless, but to name a few, PowerShell can:

  • Export and backup device drivers.
  • Find system uptime.
  • Update Windows Defender.
  • Uninstalling Windows Store apps.

There are a number of reasons why you might want to frequently check PowerShell version in Windows, but the main reason would be to ensure you have the latest features for more powerful automation. PowerShell 5.0 is the latest major version right now, by the way.

Steps to find out your installed version of PowerShell in Windows 10

STEP 1: Open and run PowerShell, you can choose to press Windows Key + S or CTRL + R, but either way, you will have to search for PowerShell.

STEP 2: Once you have PowerShell running, type in “$PSversionTable” and press enter. You will see the following data appear. As of Windows 10 Build 10586.104, the latest version is 5.0.10586.63.

How to check PowerShell version

As you can see, my PowerShell is currently version 5.0.10586.63. this means that my current version of PowerShell is able to effectively help me with any troubles I might face with the latest build of Windows 10.

Should the above command fail to work for you, the alternative commands for you to try are:

  • $host.version
  • get-host|Select-Object version

Is your PowerShell outdated? You probably need to update to the latest version of Windows. If that’s not the case, and your PowerShell is not updated despite being on the latest version of Windows 10, leave us a comment below!