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Clear Thumbnail Cache In Windows 10

If you are having any issues with thumbnails in Windows 10, find out how to clear thumbnail cache and solve all your problems.

If you are having a hard time at keeping track of what might be making your system slow or otherwise behave differently, perhaps its time to clean out one of the many caches within your OS.

The thumbnail cache, like the name implies, is where the OS remembers what all the current thumbnails or previews on your system and what they look like, so that load times for them are reduced.

This is especially useful for large folders such as TV shows or similar media which have multiple items in them and are ready to give you a peek of what the files contents might be.

There are times however, where a thumbnail might malfunction or otherwise misbehave. Should this happen, there is a fairly easy remedy to clearing them for a fresh start.

By following the steps below, we will be able to clear thumbnail cache to a new slate and hopefully resolve a glitched thumbnail or otherwise file on your system.


Open up your This PC, right-click on C: and choose Properties.

Opening Properties in C:


A new window will open up, from here you will click on Disk Cleanup.

Click on disk cleanup.


You will now have a smaller window open up before you, with the title of “Disk Cleanup for C:” scroll down until you find “Thumbnails“.

Opening up disk clean up for C:

How to clear thumbnail cache in Windows 10.

Make sure the box next to Thumbnails, is checked. If you feel like freeing up further space, you can do so, but make sure their relevant boxes have are checked.

When you have chosen Thumbnail, you will now click on OK and see the cleaning being carried out when you see the following prompt and a quick window after it, depending on how much cleaning you did.

A confirmation box.

When the smaller dialog box disappears, you can repeat the above steps until you get to the Thumbnails check box again. If the size of it is zero MB, that means the cleaning was successfully carried out and you shouldn’t have any malfunctioning thumbnails bothering you.

You can repeat the above steps to clean up system files too such as residue from previous updates, as a way of getting back some amount of lost space if you haven’t done so already.

This is somewhat the routine cleaning of your system, albeit your system might take longer to show files to you when you open up a large folder, that will be because of the OS rebuilding the cache.

If you found this guide on how to clear thumbnail cache helpful, let us know in the comments section below!