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Clients For Hangouts: Google Hangouts For Windows 10 Desktop

We have seen an increase in the number of third party messaging apps making their way on the Windows Store. The latest is Client for Hangouts which acts as the unofficial Hangout chat app for Windows 10 desktop.

In our time running Windows Clan, we have come across a number of unofficial, indie developer apps for popular messaging platforms. These apps are usually relatively simple wrappers around the chat platform’s web app, with some extra features added on top. Although they are never as good as the eventual official app, they sate our needs until the companies release official apps on the Windows Store.

You’ve likely seen us cover WhatsApp wrapper apps for the desktop like WhatsWrapp and WhosDown. Today, we will be covering a dedicated separate web-wrapper-as-a-desktop-app for Google Hangouts.

The look of Client for Hangouts.

Client for Hangouts [Windows Store] gives you the ability to keep up with your individual and group Google Hangouts conversations from the comfort of your Windows 10 desktop. With support for push notifications, you are always on top of important messages.

Client for Hangout is a simple, minimalist app for users of Google Hangouts who wish to keep up with their conversations without the need of a 24/7 open web browser tab.

The app also works well on Windows 10 Mobile, so you can use it on the go, too!

Google Hangouts client for Windows 10

I have whited-out my personal messages in this screenshot. The UI isn’t as sparse.

The app does a great job of marrying the Google Hangouts look and feel to the modern look of Windows 10. Save for the unsavory ads – which is the cost of free apps these days – you’ll find it to be a good looking, highly usable app.

Unfortunately, looks can be a tad deceiving. Client for Hangouts comes with a major limitation which really isn’t the developer’s own fault, based on my understanding of wrappers for chat apps. You cannot call someone or video chat with them. It’s a bit of a serious downer, since Google Hangouts is used more for its solid voice and video calls than for texting.

I hope the developer has some solution for this, as I know I don’t use Hangouts for texting. That’s what WhatsApp is for.

If you personally don’t mind this limitation, however, and can wait for the eventual future addition of conferencing features, you will Clients for Hangouts to be just that – an excellent desktop app for Google Hangouts.

To get the app up and running you just have to login to your Gmail account and you are all set to go!

While you might not consider making this your primary app for your Google Hangouts needs, this is a close second if you just need to reply to your group chats.

If you found the app to be of use or know of a better alternative, let us know in the comments section below!

  • Roland Harrison

    Program no longer exists on the windows store.