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Close All Tabs In Safari For iOS 10 With This New Option

In Safari for iOS 10, you can quickly close all open tabs with a simple long-hold gesture. Learn how after the bump.

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Since the prevalence of tabbed browsing, the average number of web pages people keep open at all times has increased steadily. Today, it’s not uncommon for one to see people with dozens of tabs open, often for days at a time.

The same is the case for mobile browsers. Apple revolutionized phones and their browsers in 2007 with the iPhone, and tablets in 2010 with the iPad. Now tabbed browsing is the standard on all mobile browsers, including Safari.

Safari has improved in tab management over time. In iOS 10, Apple has included a new feature which allows you to quickly close all open tabs. You no longer need to individually swipe them away.

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How To Close All Tabs

Here’s how you can close all tabs in Safari for iOS 10 on your iPhone or iPad: simply tap and hold the show all tabs button in the bottom-right corner. After a second or two, you’ll be shown an option to ‘Close X tabs’, where X is the number of tabs open. Tap on it to close all tabs immediately.

Show all windows and open tabs button

close all tabs safari ios 10

 (Hat-tip to iPhone Tricks for the second screenshot)

There’s an alternative way to use close all tabs, too! Once you’re in the tab overview where you see all open tabs, you can tap and hold the ‘Done’ button to see a ‘Close X tabs’ option, too!

It’s a nice addition, certainly. I do think it’s a tad inconsistent, though. What’s the difference between long-hold (or ‘tap and hold’) and 3D-touch? I feel this option should be activated with a firm 3D touch press rather than a tap and hold. It’s just not consistent, which is rather un-Apple-like.

Yet, iOS 10 is still in beta. It will make its way to iPhones and iPads sometime next month or perhaps in October after Apple announces and launches the new iPhone 7. Until then, “close all tabs” should be treated as a non-final feature which is subject to change.

So, how do you like it? I think we can all agree it’s a useful addition. It’s just its execution and design that feels a bit off.

Happy browsing!