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Control YouTube Playback Speed With Edge

Edge might not have a lot to compete against Chrome or other web browsers, but did you know it can control YouTube playback speed? 

Microsoft’s new browser, Edge, might be the long awaited replacement to Internet Explorer that many users anticipated, but the lack of extension support for the moment among other complaints are what hold the browser from reaching its utmost potential and reach.

However, everyday we do continue to discover unique and otherwise enticing features to the web browser that really go under appreciated and should be present in current web browsers due to their convenience. This feature of course being, controlling playback speed without the need of having the cooperation of the website.

While navigating YouTube, you can right click on any video to open a context menu which gives you new options that are currently absent in Chrome, but shouldn’t be.

How to control youtube playback speed in edge.

No amount of play speed will ever allow us to understands Drake and his dance moves in this video.

While there are currently mixed reports on how this works, the most common consensus is that it takes two right clicks, the first right-click will give you YouTube’s built-in context menu for stats, and the second right click will show you the above options.

It is also worth mentioning that the above will also work on GIFs, so if you are ever confused on whats going on in a GIF or wish to speed it up, you can do that too! I know this is going to come in handy when following the high octane action and antics that are commonplace with Just Cause 3 or Grand Theft Auto 5 GIFs that have to be re-watched in loops to actually get the idea of “what just happened?”

Additionally useful for gifs.

As you can see, this is really another handy feature that is silently hidden inside Microsoft Edge, it is easily a feature that I would welcome in Google Chrome but at least Edge will be useful to me in this regard. The ability to control YouTube playback speed can really come in handy a lot of times, so be sure to re-explore previously confusing videos with a fresh pair of eyes!

Is there a GIF or a YouTube video where you would like to mess with the play speed? Let us know in the comments section below.