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How To Convert Video To Animated GIF In Windows 10

Wondering how you can convert a video to a GIF? Look no further as Windows Clan has the perfect app for you that will make conversion of videos to animated GIFs as easy as ABC.

The Popularity of GIFs

Ever since their inception in 1987, the Graphical Interchange Format or GIF has become one of the most popular and widely used formats for creating video-like animations. The reason is that the GIF format occupies extremely little space making it much more portable than other formats.

Nowadays, GIFs have become even more commonly used than before. People have taken a special interest in social media, video editing etc. and have even started building careers in it. Who doesn’t know about 9GAG? This has lead to the development of some excellent GIF manipulating software which have gone extremely well with its enthusiasts. One of these is the Video to GIF converter.

Converting Videos To GIFs

Video to GIF converter is a free app that can be used to convert videos into high quality GIFs. It is extremely simple to use and contains all the basic necessities one would require to create a perfect GIF from any video. The application supports all kinds of video formats and getting accustomed to it is no big issue. Let us help you become friends with it!

Step 1: Extract Specific Part of a Video

Video to GIF converter’s UI resembles more to a Windows 7 program. The primary window that appears on opening the app contains all the basic information you need to provide it to help you start executing your GIF. It contains the Browse button from where you have to locate and provide the video to the software for extraction, a Reload button that can be used if some frames are missing from the main window, controls for specifying video duration and the option to increase/decrease your GIFs frame rate as shown in the image below.

UI of Video to GIF converter

Now lets get to how it operates. The principle on which it functions is that you have to extract the video into multiple frames and then apply editing on it. The first thing you have to do is to click on the browse button and look for the video that you would like to convert to a GIF. If the video is too long and you’d like only a specific portion of it to be converted, specify the timing in the From and To boxes of that particular scene. To create a GIF with a particular height and width, enter it accordingly in the text boxes in front of Width and Height. Adjust your frames per second ratio in a way that matches your taste and hit Next.

Step 2: Converting to GIF

Once you’ve hit Next, the Free Video to GIF converter will take you to its editor. The editor is where you can manipulate certain parts of your GIF which you believe are extra. There really isn’t much to talk about here. Some of the basic and necessary customizations you can make in the editor include deleting unnecessary frames, change the GIF’s speed and increase or decrease its quality size as shown in the image below.

UI of the program's editor

The program does give you the option to create an extra high quality GIF but as is evident from the image above, it will compromise on space. When you’re done editing, simply hit Make GIF, give the program a saving location and voila! Your GIF is ready to join the party.

To be honest, I was a little let down to see how little customization the editor offers. Not much than the most basic of tools needed to create a GIF. You cannot annotate, give headings, add text or pictures and apply different filters to it. It would’ve made the program a little bit juicier and more appealing to the editor crazy enthusiasts.

That being said, the verdict on this app is simple. Since it excellently performs what it was developed for, it does have a strong case as a must have. Simple and easy to use with one click access to all customizations further inclines us towards it and with a file size of just 8 megabytes, it is extremely portable and is good news for users with slower internet speed. Be sure to try it our from the link below.

Download Free Video To GIF Converter [Softpedia]