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Copy Contents: Copy Text File Content Without Opening It

Want to speed up the process of copy pasting? Start playing with Copy Contents to make copy pasting just a one click process.

Copy pasting is a very important tool that almost everyone in the world requires. Whether you’re a student studying in your undergrad or a professional developer, copy pasting is a definite life saver when it comes to helping you out with getting your work done and getting deadlines met within time.

Third party applications refer to those applications that are developed by certain developers for purposes/accessibility not provided by Windows 10. These techno wizards deserve all our plaudits as it is they who have made available to us the tons of features that get the most out of Windows 10. Apps such as CloverXPExplorer etc. have done us a wealth of good while using this OS.

We’ve previously covered another third party app called Ditto which is a clipboard manager for Windows 10. It is another supreme application that lets you have even more firm control over your copy pasting needs. Click here for all the information you need regarding Ditto.

Have you ever wondered what happens when you press Ctrl+C, the command that copies something? The copied item is pinned to a virtual clipboard inside your computer much like in the same manner when you copy something in your smartphone. Then, you can repeatedly paste them anywhere you like.

Another app, to help you with while copy pasting in a much faster manner in Windows 10, is Copy Contents. The basic functionality of this app is that it’s option appears in your context menus. This app lets you select all content inside a .jpeg, .png, .txt file etc. without having to open them and paste it at your desired location. This proves useful in trimming some valuable time off your work. The steps to Copy Contents are as follows:

Step 1: Download Copy Contents from the link below.

Copy Contents [VDS Freaks]

Step 2: Install it on your PC.

Step 3: Now right click on any file whose content you wish to copy and from the context menu, click on Copy contents and paste them wherever you want to as shown in the image below.

steps to use copy contents

What are we waiting for? Let’s Copy Contents!