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Create Musical Videos On Windows 10 With Flipagram

Flipagram is one of the newest additions to the Windows Store. It is a breath of fresh air for an app store that is extremely devoid of fun and useful apps. Flipagram is a basic, free video editor which allows you to create musical videos on Windows 10.

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In simple words, Flipagram is rudimentary video creation software with a built-in social network. It contains basic but useful features you can use for your advantage to create customized videos. It is an extremely easy to use video editing app that can do wonders for you in an event of a special occasion such as your friend’s birthday, marriage or Valentines day. You simply have to browse in for the relevant images, add them to the app, select a background music and voila! There’s your fun musical video!

Starting off, as always, with its user interface. It is a typical Windows app designed much in the same way as its counterparts. However, as the program is as simple as it can get, there aren’t many button on the UI making it seem a little hollow and empty as shown in the image below.

UI of Flipagram

The main interface features a bar on the top and below the view screen. The bar at the top contains the home, channels, activity and profile buttons. These aren’t of much significance when it comes to creating musical videos but since Flipagram is turning into more like a community than just a simple app, creating a new profile will enable you to share your musical videos with other Flipagram users around the world and also view their’s as well.

Flipagram belongs to the category of entertainment apps. The Windows Store is no longer new but it still misses quite a few apps that are of daily use. All the categories miss some valuable apps that, by now, should’ve been there. Fortunately, Flipagram has just been inducted in the Windows Store and if you were looking for an app like this, stop right here!

How To Make Videos With Free Background Music In Flipagram

Now let’s get you familiar with how Flipagram works. Flipagram simply takes in a set of input images, turns them into a video with background audio or music of your choice. To begin working with this app, simply click on the ‘+’ button in the bottom bar in the image above. The next window will look something like this:

Images selection window

Flipagram is tightly integrated with Facebook. You can also create a musical video from your Facebook pictures via a single click. The left side of the window features all the albums from where you can add images to Flipagram. Simply click on any of the displayed albums and browse for the pictures of your choice. To save time, press CTRL and then click on each picture one by one if they’re in the same folder and add them to the app. When you’re done adding images to Flipagram, the next window that will appear would look something like this. These are the moments that will make up your video.

Editor of Flipagram

This is the image editor part of this video editing app. Here you get to customize all the images you’ve selected through the buttons on the bar at the bottom of the app. The bar contains the Add button to add more images, Sort button to sort or shuffle images(change their order), format button to change the appearance of the added images and finally the accept or the completed option. When you’re done and happy with the way your images are appearing, click on the arrow button to move forward.

This is the final part of the application and contains the second phase of editing your musical video. Here you get to choose the audio that will be played in the background while your images continue to flash about on the screen.

Editor of Flipagram

To add music to your video, click on the Audio button in the image above. Then, Flipagram will offer you the options to find your own music or search for some music through the app itself. Click on My Music and then select the track of your choice. When done, another window will appear where you will set the way your background music would behave as shown in the image below.

Music editor

Here you can set which part of the track should play in the background of your video while all the images get displayed at the front end. Simply drag the scroll bar to your desired timing and when you’ll let go, the app will play that part of the track itself to assist you in selecting the correctly timed background music. When done selecting, click on the tick in the bottom bar to proceed further in the video editing process.

If you’d like to alter the speed of the video, you can do that through the Speed button to the right of the Audio button. This also gives you the capacity to create Slo-mo videos by sufficiently decreasing the frame rate. The third button labelled Title allows you to add a caption to your video. You can even customize the caption by changing its color or by applying a specific font to it through the caption editor.

When you would’ve completed all your customizations, you can preview your video to check if the created musical video is exactly what you wanted. If it is, click on the tick in the bottom bar and proceed to the final step of the application. Here, Flipagram will ask you whether you’d like to share it just like Facebook does. If you’re not interested, simply click on the tick again to complete Flipagram. Unfortunately the app does not contain the option to save your Flipagram locally so one way or the another, you will have to share it on Facebook, or its own network.

That will bring us to the end of our review of Flipagram. The app does contain some annoying features in it. Most noticeably that it will not allow you to save your Flips to your computer and then use them the way you want to. The only way to get them out of your computer is via sharing it on Social Media and from there you can download it through different downloading software. Thankfully, we’ve already covered how you can download Facebook videos directly, so check that out.

The app has also received complaints that it freezes while working and yes it did happen to me once or twice while I was going through it. Other than that, it is really easy to work with and hopefully the update that will bring its ability to save flips locally will arrive soon (fingers crossed!).

Download Flipagram for Windows 10 [Windows Store]