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Cumulative Updates KB3140743 & KB3139907 Failing To Install For Some Users [Fix]

There are numerous bug and installation failure reports coming from users regarding the latest cumulative updates – KB3140743 & KB3139907. If you are among them, you’ve come to the right place! We’ll discuss how to solve updating-related errors.

Update: We’ve found another possible fix for this. You’ll find it at the moment of the post.

Users are reporting that cumulative updates KB3140743 & KB3139907 – which updates Windows 10 to 10586.122 – are failing to install from the Windows Updater and the manual installer, with Windows rolling back to a previous update installing the update through either method.

The reports are originating from Windows 10 Forums [Link] where several users are primarily reporting the failure to install KB3140743 while apparently having success with KB3139907.

The latest Windows 10 updates.

If you are afflicted by this, you can head on over to this article [Microsoft Support Site] and follow the guide for Windows 8 for a work-around that will guide you on how to fix the bug.

Unfortunately, rollbacks are only the least of problems that certain people are facing. There are further reports to suggest that users are unable to login to Windows or are completely unable to access their PC.

The aforementioned fix is only applicable if you have access to the Windows 10 desktop. There isn’t really a remedy if you are among the unlucky few that are completely unable to access the desktop.

Users can choose to wait out but of course at the end of the day a fresh installation of the OS would be your final recourse.

These kinds of bugs aren’t unheard of, but were previously remedied by manual installation of the malfunctioning update, but it appears to be a lost cause in this case.

Do consider waiting a few days before updating to Windows 10 10586.122, if you’re the cautious type. If you’re going to update anyway, be sure to back up your essential documents.

After several confirmations including my own Windows 10 PC, it is safe to say that this bug affects a minor set of users.

If you are among the people experiencing this bug or are failing to update your Windows 10 to KB3140743 or KB3139907, let us know in the comments section!


Update: Redditor JJisTheDarkOne has discovered an alternative solution for fixing the issues caused by cumulative update KB3140743. It is confirmed working for people who are stuck on the bootup screen where there’s only a spinning Windows logo. In other words, this is for people whose PCs are just not reaching Windows desktop at all!

How to resolve bootup bug caused by Windows 10 Build KB3140743

Step 1: Boot into Safe Mode.

Because your PC is stuck, you will have to force this the hard way. Assuming your PC is off: turn it on, wait for the circle spinner to appear, and remove the power cord*. Do this again! The point is for Windows 10 to detect you’ve improperly shut it down twice.

You should now see the diagnostics screen. From here, go into Troubleshoot > Advanced Options > Startup Settings and select Reset. Your computer will reset and go into Safe Mode.

Step 2: Launch the Control Panel. Go into Programs and click on Uninstall a program.

Step 3: Click on View Installed Updates.

Step 4: You should be able to see KB3140743 now. Select it, and uninstall it.

Step 5: Restart your Windows 10.

It should be working just fine now!

*In case of laptops, this means removing the battery.

  • Fustrated

    Been jacking with my brick for 3 days now. Talked to 5 different Tech Support Specialist none which were of any help. I have been unable to do a CD or USB mount of a fresh install. Will not mount.

  • Sird

    There is always some bug in a new or old App and scientist and engineers continuously make their efforts to overcome the problems but there is always some room and that is the case with the Windows as well.