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Disable Default ‘Type To Search’ Feature In File Explorer

A recent cumulative update has changed normal searching in File Explorer to a “type to search”. If you are bothered by it, find out how to undo it. 

For many years, Windows users have been accustomed to their traditional way of searching for something within My Computer or others when you just can’t find that one song or video that you so badly want to show to someone. It works by allowing you type out your search term and automatically highlighting the file closest to it.

Windows 10’s latest update changes that by forcing your typed query to shift focus to the search bar, which may be jarring to old users. While this may not be the first time you would be bothered by a search bar, it certainly will not be the last. Albeit, the new search is remarkably similar to that of Google Instant Search, which I certainly like.

To remedy the new way you search in Windows 10 is actually really simple.

Disable Type To Search In Search Bar In Windows 10 File Explorer


Press Windows Key + S and search for File Explorer Options, but searching for folder options works just as well.

Open up folder options.


When you have the new menu open, click on the View tab.

Opening the View tab in the options.


Under Adavanced Settings, scroll down to the very bottom until you find “When typing into list view” and you will see the following two options of “Automatically type into search box” or “Select the typed item in the view“. When prompted to choose one of the following, Choose “Select the typed item in the view“.

Disabling type to search in Windows 10.

Once you have done the above, simply click on Apply, OK and voila! You’re now back to the olden days of searching for your files in Windows Explorer!

As you can probably guess, this is definitely a new feature that very few people would appreciate due to its speed, but for those people who don’t wish to learn new tricks now have the option to reverting to their original style of searching in Windows 10.

While type to search is easily my favorite stealth addition to Windows 10, I am sure that there are many other neat tricks to finding out in this OS that are surely under the radar.

Are you in favor of the new search technique or are you still traditional? Let us know in the comments section below! We always love hearing from our readers.