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Disable Transparency In Windows 10 Start, Taskbar And Action Center

While the Aero Glass effect is effectively extinct, the Start, Taskbar and Action center carry a somewhat similar transparent layout. If you don’t find that appealing, disable transparency through the steps mentioned below.

While exploring Windows 10, I came across a lot of peculiarities and good features. Let’s start with the good ones. We’ve kept on talking about Cortana and Virtual Desktops again and again but this time we’ll send them backstage and give others some credit. Those features noteworthy of praise include pinning websites to start menuquiet hours and Tablet Mode.

Now about the peculiarities. By peculiarities I mean those features that have been much loved previously are no longer in Windows 10. That is indeed very confusing as to why Microsoft developers decided to ditch them despite excellent user opinions. These include the aforementioned Aero Glass effect, the cool Windows 7 battery indicator and minute accessibilities such as path viewing.

Windows 10 is the most beautiful of all previous Windows without a shadow of a doubt. People may argue that there isn’t much difference when we compare it to Windows 8 / 8.1 but in my personal opinion it is much more well rounded. The colors mix superbly giving the desktop a beautiful and eye catching look. The Start menu looks as beautiful as ever.

Speaking of the Start menu, ever noticed its transparent build? Its a beautiful feature exclusive to Windows 10 that is a reminiscent of the previously mentioned Aero Glass effect as shown in the image below. Not only the Start menu, The Taskbar and Action Center also abide by this trait and make things look much more fresher but if you’re a fan of solid color, here’s how you can disable transparency:

Disable Transparency In Windows 10 Start, Taskbar & Action Center

Step 1: Open Settings.

Step 2: Click on Personalization: Background, lock screen, colors.

Step 3: From the left side menu, click on Colors.

Step 4: Scroll down and then switch off the Make Start, Taskbar and Action center transparent as shown in the image below.

Disable Transparency

After you’re done with it, close settings and this is how your Start menu, Taskbar and Action center should look like now.

Demo of disabled transparency

Transparent or not, we’ll leave that up to you.