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Disallow Apps From Accessing Email In Windows 10

Don’t want apps to annoy you by sending promotional emails every day? Follow the guide to disallow apps from accessing email in Windows 10.

Before Windows 8, Windows Store was only accessible to users who had Windows smartphones. Microsoft developers wanted to integrate it into desktops so that it could be made available to more people. So, work began and there came Windows 8. At first, it was a breathtaking sight to be able to play and use certain apps that could previously be only used from smartphones. Xbox integration further increased its charm.

Windows Store was one of the trademark features that received a unanimous thumbs up from the entire Windows world. Secondary features such as OneDriveMicrosoft Edge etc. were also appended to a long list of brand new features that were not there before Windows 10 and those that even were present before, received excellent refinement, both performance and UI wise but not everything that glitters is gold.

Your email inbox is a place where you have some of your most sensitive personal information, and you certainly do not want third-party apps to be accessing it. Most mainstream developers won’t do anything malicious with it, but just one app developer could ruin it for everyone so why take the risk? We suggest you should disallow apps from accessing email on your PC.

In order to deal with this pestering menace, follow the following steps.

First, open the Settings’ app through Windows Search. Then, click on ‘Privacy: Location, Camera’ shown in the image below.

disallow apps from accessing emails through settings app

Then, from the resulting left side bar select ‘Email. Then, deselect the option that says ‘Let apps access and send email’ to disallow apps from accessing email. If you wish to allow only certain apps to send you emails which are of particular interest to you, then what you can do is certify which apps can send you an email. This can be done by simply selecting/deselecting, depending on what you want to do, from the list of apps underneath ‘Choose apps that can access and send email’. Note that this article is Windows-build specific for Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 10547.

Good work! Now you can rest assured your emails won’t be read by malicious app developers.