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Ditto: Clipboard Manager For Windows 10 Review

While writing documents or working with large amounts of data, a lot of copy pasting is definitely required. To make this much easier, read on to discover Ditto – a clipboard manager app for Windows 10.

Windows 8 was a revolution. Why? Because it brought so much to Windows that was missing from the world’s best OS. While Windows 7 was definitely a step in the right direction after the disappointment of Windows Vista, it could not yet be considered a revolution. Enter Windows 8. While Virtual Desktops may had to wait two significant upgrades to Windows 8, it did bring the App store and live tiles etc. to us. Many apps that were previously only available on the then Nokia Lumia, now Microsoft Lumia smartphones were now freely available for use on desktops. This was a definite cornerstone of Windows 8.

Moving on to Windows 10 brought us Virtual Desktops and Cortana integration. These were the benchmarks on which Microsoft bragged about their new OS. Not only these, many new apps such as 10AppsManager, and WheelsOfVolume were launched for users which make for a more pleasant experience. The Windows Store was definitely something that made Windows users proud. The apps don’t just stop here, in this post we bring you Ditto: Clipboard manager app for Windows 10.

The built in copy pasting feature of Windows only allows users to copy and paste the latest item they have copied. If users wish to paste any previous item they had copied before, they were to go back to it again and copy it again. This clipboard manager app makes things so much easier. With an extremely easy to use UI and the ability to keep track of whatever you have copied, this certainly is better than the built in copy paste feature by a mile. So how to play with it? More after the jump.

Download Ditto from the following link and install it on your computer. Then run it.

Ditto: Clipboard manager [SourceForge]

You can run it from where you have installed it or from its icon in the lower right corner of the Taskbar, Its UI looks something like this.

The ultimate clipboard manager

To use it, simply copy anything from anywhere and it will be added to Ditto automatically like this.

Functionality of ditto

Now, by default the last copied item would be available should you paste directly but if you wish to paste the previously copied item, double click on it in Ditto and paste it as shown in the image below.

Representation of how Ditto works

As a writer, this app has been nothing short of a personal assistant for me. We hope that this impressive app will work as superbly for our users as it did for us.