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Download Dropbox For Windows 10 With Hello Support

Dropbox has released their official Windows 10 app which comes with Windows Hello support for unlocking the app with your face, and interactive notifications. More details on Dropbox for Windows 10 below!

Dropbox has an app for Windows, but it is a desktop app and not at all designed for the Windows 10 world of Universal Apps. Their new app is designed from the ground up to work best for Windows 10.

Dropbox for Windows 10 is getting a huge overhaul!

What will make Dropbox for Windows 10 have a one-up on the competition you might be asking? Let’s take a look:

  • The app has been in compliance the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) this means you are getting the same app for your Windows Phone, Windows tablets and other Windows 10 OS systems. No need to learn a different UI for a device.
  • Support for Windows Hello, which allows users to unlock Windows using their Iris scan, facial scan or fingerprint will make sure no one has access to your Dropbox content when you are away from the system!
  • Making use of two great features in the Windows OS: Quick Access and Recent Files, users can quickly open up files from the taskbar in one click!
  • Interactive device notifications will allow you to quickly handle important tasks and coordinate access to files from the comfort of your desktop! No need to navigate to the app to allow another user access to your files.
  • Quick search will let you search for what you need without the help of the search box!
  • Drag and drop items that you need to copy in a hurry, no need of finding them and uploading them manually!
  • Lastly, the ability to comment is what will really make this a well-rounded app that will centralize the Dropbox experience into the app, making you almost never visit the Dropbox website ever again!

Download Dropbox for Windows 10 [Windows Store]

If you are a Dropbox user and are using the current Windows app from the store, let us know if you are as excited for these changes! I know I want to give Dropbox a try if all these features are there.