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Download Google Allo APK for Android

Google Duo made waves on the internet a few weeks back, and continues to do so. It’s time for Allo to join the party!


Google Allo and Duo are Google’s initiatives towards placing better messaging (video and text) apps on the Play Store.

While Duo managed to make headlines all over the internet with video calling; Allo, which is Duo’s sister app for messaging, has just made a remarkable entry into the market by being available for download through unofficial channels, with roll-outs happening as we speak.

Currently, Allo may or may not available for your region, and you might still be seeing “Register” or “Unregister” if you try and search for the app on the Play Store.

If you want to get your hands on Allo right away, You can download it from APKMirror [Download link]. Read our Prisma APK installation guide to learn how to install an app as an APK.

Unfortunately, due to the number of variants available, you will have to download and install them one-by-one until you find the right one. Given that the average file size is 14 MB, it is well worth taking a shot in the dark and getting it to install. Once you have the app installed, you just verify your number as you would with Snapchat / WhatsApp, etc. and you are ready to go!

How is Google Allo different from other messaging apps?


If you are still in the dark about the benefits and uses of Google Allo, you will find it to be a lot more diversified and versatile to most other messaging apps that currently exist in the Play Store.

Google Assistant is easily the highlight of the app, offering you in-app searching without having to leave the current window of conversation, making even Google Now redundant when in the app. You can make use of Google Assistant by simply typing @google when in a conversation followed by your query.

You can find out further details on Allo by visiting the official site. As you can see, Allo is something that combines the alot of features in Snapchat and WhatsApp, but with a lot more options, giving the best of both worlds in a single app!

Even though WhatsApp has gotten significant updates in the past weeks too with allowing for images to be given a personal touch before being sent, a la Snapchat, Google Allo still has a long way to go before it can be in the mainstream.

Having installed Allo for a few hours now I am having fun with it, but until it launches in the Play Store, you will have an empty friends list for a while. Once it rolls out globally, we will update the post accordingly with links.

If you have been or are currently using Google Allo, let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.