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Download KB3140741 Update For Windows 10 1511 (March 22nd, 2016)

Microsoft has just released a new update for Windows 10 users. It’s called build KB3140741, and you can download it right now from Windows Update. More details after the bump.

Windows Update

After releasing KB3140743 and KB3139907 updates for Windows 10 three weeks ago, Microsoft is currently rolling out a separate update KB3140741 to all Winodows 10 users on the latest Threshold-2 release (TH2) i.e. 1511. It replaces the previous update i.e. KB3139907.

What’s New In KB3140741 [Changelog]

Since this is a developing story, we do not have concrete details on what is exactly new with this update. We do, however, know based on our past experience covering cumulative updates that this will also mostly, if not completely focused on bugfixes, performance and stability improvements, with the occasional user interface tweak here and there, if any. We will share the detailed changelog in an updated version of this post as soon as we have it.

To download KB3140741, you simply need to launch Windows Update from Settings. There, you should see a ‘Check for Updates’ option. Use that to see if it is available for you, and download it away! Besides, Windows Update will automatically download and install it for you if you don’t do it manually right now.

If this doesn’t satisfy you, you can always download the standalone package for KB3140741 from Microsoft Catalog.

Windows Clan’s Recommendation: Wait A Bit

We honestly strongly recommend to not be so fast with updating. We expect KB3140741 to have some issues, however minor, which can affect negatively some users. We remember the last update – KB3140743 – caused some issues such as users not being able to access their desktops. It’s better to be safe, than sorry. Plus, it is just a minor update, after all. We’re not talking about a major Redstone update with major new features – you can wait a bit.

We’re downloading KB3140741 as this blogpost is being typed. I will update this post as soon as I have more information. Stay tuned to Windows Clan!

  • erdmax

    I’d be interested to know if your PC is suffering from latency issues after the upgrade. I wish I found this article first before upgrading!