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Download KB3140768 & KB3140745: Cumulative Update Pushes Windows 10 To 10586.164

Microsoft has just released another set of cumulative updates to Windows 10. These are builds KB3140768 and KB3140745 which updates Windows 10’s version number to 10586.164 and 10240.16725 respectively. Find more details after the bump.

Windows 10 10586.164 released in build KB3140768

Just last Tuesday, Microsoft released KB3139907 and KB3140743 for download to all Windows 10 users. These builds came with no noticeable new features, but did fix bugs, and introduce performance and stability improvements.

Though, as we covered shortly thereafter, KB3139907 had some issues that was causing users’ updates to fail or, worse, lock them out of their own Desktop until users were forced to manually remove the update by going into Safe Mode.

What’s new in KB3140768 & KB3140745?

Here’s what’s new in build KB3140768 – which is now available for download from the link at the bottom – as can be seen from our paraphrased version of the changelog:

  1. Better general Bluetooth and wearables support.
  2. Apps which access your contacts are also supported better
  3. Installing apps is now more reliable
  4. Some users were unable to login to their Xbox from Windows 10 PC. This issue has been fixed.
  5. Playing corrupted content would cause a security-related issue. Also fixed.
  6. Security improvements in Edge, Internet Explorer 11, Adobe Flash Player, as well as multiple Windows 10 core features

That about covers what’s new in Windows 10 10586.164. It is aimed at Windows 10 1511 users. KB3140768 should also be more reliable than KB3140743.

We will be following KB3140768 closely to ensure there aren’t any major issues in it for Windows 10 users. Of course, if there are any solutions, we will be discuss those fixes too.

Build KB3140745 has pretty much the same set of fixes and security updates but it is aimed at those Windows 10 users who are still on the pre-Threshold, RTM version.

How To Download KB3140768 or KB3140745

As always, it is recommended that you backup your most important data before downloading any cumulative update.

You can download KB3140768 or KB3140745 (depending on which version of Windows 10 you’re on) by going to Settings > Update & security > Windows Update. From here, click on Check Update to manually push Windows 10 to download KB3140768. You could always just wait for Windows 10 to update itself, too, if you’re the more patient type.

The Microsoft Support site offers a way to download the latest build separately as a standalone package as well, though you really don’t have to go to such lengths to install it. Just do it from Windows Update.

Download KB3140768 for Windows 10 (10586.164) [Microsoft Support]

Download KB3140745 for Windows 10 (10240.16725) [Microsoft Support]