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Download KB3172985 & KB3163912: July Cumulative Updates For Windows 10

Windows 10 cumulative updates are a regular occurrence but have become ever more important as the release of the highly anticipated Anniversary Update draws closer. KB3172985 & KB3163912 are the latest cumulative updates for July 2016. Learn more about them after the bump.

windows 10 cumulative update

KB3163912 and KB3172985 launched only moments ago. Considering the demand behind the update, we can hopefully see that the cumulative updates help us ease into the roll out of the major update, expected in a few weeks time.

The Anniversary Update codenamed “Redstone” is expected to land on August 2nd and the roll out will take a day or two depending on your region, but it will come to your system in due time.

KB3172985 is aimed at users of Windows 10‘s Threshold update which was released in November, while KB3163912 is targeted at those of you who are puzzlingly still on the original RTM release in summer 2016. Let’s discuss what’s new in them by having a look at the changelog.

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KB3172985 & KB3163912 Changelog

Here’s what’s new in KB3163912 which pushes Windows 10 build version to 10240.17024.

  • IE11, File Explorer, Windows Update and Microsoft Edge are more reliable
  • Systems using NTFS will no longer rarely hang during restarts
  • Bug fixes related to drivers installation
  • Security updates for all major Windows 10 components including Microsoft Edge, IE, Kernel, .NET framework and more

KB3163912 includes similar updates, and pushes Windows 10 build version to 10586.494:

  • Reliability improvements for IE11, Windows Explorer, Media Player, and the Kernel
  • Fixed a bug where some people would see a black screen on lockscreen when using connected standby
  • Video playback is now more reliable in third party apps when waking from sleep
  • Security updates across the entire OS including browsers Edge and IE11, Kernel, .NET Framework, Print Spooler and more

There are various other little bug fixes and stability improvements which you can learn about here.

While in hindsight KB3172985 and KB3163912 might not have much to offer, we will have to wait and see what are the subtle changes that the update brings for us once it properly goes through the hands of the community in terms of what lies beneath the surface.

We can only hope that we see another cumulative update to help with the integration process towards the anniversary update due to how major the update is. Microsoft should take this into consideration and help users ease into the update by paving the way through these cumulative updates.

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Download KB3172985 & KB3163912

If you want to download the update or push the update, simply Press Windows Key + I and select the option of Update & Security, and press the Check for updates button.

Windows Update

If you are unable to get the download from the above, then you can download KB3172985 & KB3163912 separately from Microsoft Support. You really shouldn’t be in such a hurry, though. Just wait for the update to download automatically.

We highly recommend avoiding updating your systems until there is a consensus on the safety of the update. There is a bit of a proven track record of cumulative updates crashing Windows 10 installations and leaving many people without access to their desktops or more for several days on end.

Let us know your thoughts and feedback in the comments section.