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Download OneNote Clipper Extension For Microsoft Edge

OneNote Clipper is a relatively lesser known extension from Microsoft that has been available on the Chrome Store for a while, the extension is now part of the first few extensions to be supported on Microsoft Edge.

OneNote Clipper is an extension that aimed to allow users to capture and share their screenshots from web browsers and other materials on the world wide web and import them to their OneNote. Though the extension was overshadowed by other extensions such as Gyazo or Fireshot, this will be the first extension of its kind for Microsoft Edge.

The extension is currently available to people who are on the Insider Preview Build 14291 but the current and latest version of it will only work with Preview Build 14316 or later, so do keep this in mind when you carry on with this.

We covered how to install Microsoft Edge extensions in a related article, this will help you in installing the extension in question. Just follow the guide there, and use this link to download the extension [Official Download Link].

For those of you who are still in the dark about the use of the extension, here is an instance of it in use.


As you can see, much like other screenshot capturing extensions, you can directly capture and save relevant materials from your web browser on to your OneNote cloud storage. You can choose to save the full page, a part of it or load it as a print friendly article for later reading on your OneNote storage.

This is especially useful if you are a current and active user of OneNote due to the already integrated desktop and Metro app in Windows 10, allowing easier and instant access to your content for sharing or other uses.

Additionally, with the diversity of the OneNote app on smartphones, tablets and desktops, you can easily view and share the media while on the go which is a lacking feature on competing extensions.

Considering these are the flagship extensions that are currently available for Microsoft Edge it comes as no surprise that Microsoft is aiming to push their first party applications to fill the void of extensions for their own browser.

Having briefly used OneNote Clipper in the past and just now, it is indeed handy until similar extensions arrive for Microsoft Edge, but by then we might see the extension hold a firm grip on that niche.

Until then, OneNote Clipper should be a quick and efficient way for you to manage handling your digital content needs on the internet for offline use or sharing partnered with OneNote.

If you are currently using the extension, let us know in the comments section!