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Download Prisma On Android Right Now [APK File]

Photo editing apps on smartphones have existed since the dawn of smartphones. While respective markets of smartphones have been littered with good quality and low-quality apps, Prisma stands out among all of them! It has been iOS only so far, but there’s a way to download the app on Android. Learn more after the jump.

Prisma sample image

In the early days of the Symbian phones, I still remember how phones came equipped with primitive photo-editing software. Not much has changed since those days and you can still find photo-editing apps in smartphones in abundance on the Google Play Store, the App Store, and the Windows Store. They’ve certainly improved a lot, but the core mechanics of editing have generally remained the same.

Prisma has taken the world of photo-editing by storm with its unique approach to turning your photos into art. The app literally turns your photos into the works of Van Gogh, Picasso, and Edvard Munch, along with many other filters to truly give a touch of class to your selfies. It does this using Artificial Intelligence (AI).

This is an otherwise arduous process that would take the better part of an hour to carry out on a computer, but Prisma does this for you in only minutes!

Prisma for Android [Beta]

The app was previously exclusive to iPhones through the Apple App Store. Prisma has just launched the Beta on the Google PlayStore, but we here at Windows Clan want to make sure you aren’t left out of the fun!

The only real pre-requisites to this guide would be that you have to have a phone above Android 4.0.3 which is pretty much any phone made after 2011.

Most phones in the ~100$ or below easily come with Android 4.4 or 5 right out of the box, so this should run on your phone with ease!

Setting Up Your Android Phone To Download Prisma

Before you can install the Beta however, you need to do a few steps on your phone to make sure you can install the app.

Open the Settings option on your phone and navigate to Security:

Going to security options in your phone.

When you have it open, navigate to “Unknown Sources” and make sure its toggled to the “On” position, as shown below:

Enabling Unknown Sources.

Once you have done the above, you can download the APK file [APKMirror]. This is a direct link to the APK file, so it is recommended you download the file from your phone.

Any individual versed on websites on the web will tell you that APKMirror is one of the safest repositories for APK files on the internet and as such, you can trust the reliability of the site, eyes wide shut!

Once downloaded, just open the APK file to install Prisma on your Android phone!

Here are a couple of pictures of me using the app to show that this actually works.

Prisma up and running on my phone

And here is a picture of me with the Femme filter applied:

Prisma in action.

As you can see, this is indeed up and running on any phone that can support it!

Keep in mind that you will have to manually check APKMirror [Prisma] regularly for updates unless you are involved in the Beta on the Play Store, in which case you will automatically get updates on your phone.

We hope you will have fun with Prisma as much as we are and we will be sure to keep you updated on upcoming releases as they come!

Let us know your favorite filter in the comments section below.