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Edge Now Shows Bing Instant Answers Everywhere

Microsoft Edge is always surprising us with new additions every now and then, with the latest hidden feature being the integration of Bing instant answers.

Microsoft Edge is much like Cortana and is constantly finding new ways to surprise us every time we take a stab at this browser.

It has some surprisingly unique features readily built in to the browser which actually gives it an upper hand against competitors in some aspects, with controlling YouTube and other media playback speed being a recent surprise. Albeit, the Achilles heel of this browser is the lack of extension support, which should be solved in the near future.

Microsoft Edge has now integrated a new feature that can be accessed directly from the address bar or the search bar, which really gives it a whole new level of convenience to parallel the level of Google Instant Search and answers.

Bing Instant Search is now natively integrated as of the recent updates, with the help of this integration, you can now search for information from the convenience of your home page on Edge and without having to wait for a results screen to load.

A collage of instant answers at work!

As per our testing, we have come to find that there are a number of features which gives instant answers at a significantly faster pace as opposed to Google Chrome which shows search results as a dedicated page and instead shows you a good rich preview or a complete result of what you’re searching for.

This comes off as a minimalist and clean interface for people to navigate and get an instant answer when Google Chrome is absent from the system.

The addition of instant answers is only perhaps made possible with the help of Cortana in Edge. This is a great tool to help you search for tidbits of information in a hurry, the feature works parallel to Cortana on the desktop and you can still track flights, packages, times, and much more through instant answers!

With the latest addition to instant answers in Microsoft Edge, it has definitely helped give us greater anticipation for the arrival of extensions to arrive on the browser so many people can make this their primary browser.

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