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Edge Tip: Enable Background Video Playing After Minimizing Window

If you are among the populous that does use Microsoft Edge as a primary browser you no doubt face the issue of music and videos stopping when you minimize the window. Find out how to enable background videos with a simple series of steps.

It can be quite cumbersome when you are in the zone with your favorite playlist of music playing in YouTube, only to have Microsoft Edge pause your playlist when you minimize it.

While the problem doesn’t exist in most other browsers, Microsoft Edge has this one flaw in terms of performance. Thankfully, there is a way to counter this and stop the minimizing from interrupting your music or other video playback.

To begin, Press Windows Key + I to open up the Settings page. When you have it open, navigate to Privacy.

Opening Privacy Settings

When you are in Privacy, navigate to the bottom most tab of the page and here you will look for “Microsoft Edge” in the apps list.

Enabling Microsoft Edge in the background.

On the right of it, you will see a toggle, make sure that you toggle the switch to the “On” position.

Should you still face issues with this, simply open a YouTube video in Microsoft Edge, and minimize the browser. If the toggle is On and the audio still stops when minimized, then set the toggle to Off, repeat the above process of play-video-and-minimize and then toggle the switch to On again.

Ordinarily Microsoft Edge should be allowed to run in the background right out of the box, but there are some moments like the above where the toggle is enabled yet you are unable to properly minimize the window without losing audio in your background video playback.

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While Microsoft Edge still a long ways to go before becoming the primary browser of choice for MANY users, we can hope that the upcoming Anniversary Update gives people enough reason to migrate and give the revitalized version of the browser a fair chance.

The Anniversary Update will bring forth extensions which are already a highlighted feature of the current Insider Preview builds, so once the update goes live and brings extensions to everyone, there is surely going to be some buzz in the world of browsers.

What are your thoughts on Microsoft Edge? Will extensions be enough to encourage current loyal users of other browsers?

  • This is exactly what I needed to know. I still can’t fathom the reasoning behind considering minimizing a program the same as letting it run in the background. Running in the background means running without it even being opened, not minimized. Minimizing is only to clear up the space.