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Bring Back Email Addresses On The Windows 10 Lock Screen

Windows 10 will now hide email addresses of accounts on the lock screen by default. If you require them to be always visible, we’ll show you how to bring them back after the bump.

Windows 10 email address and password on lockscreen

Email blurred to maintain privacy. (Image courtesy How-To Geek)

Privacy has become quite the issue in the past years and when Windows 10 will leave it visible at the center of your PC’s screen on wake-up it can be quite an issue for some users.

If you aren’t aware of it – though we are sure you can not be – Windows 10 will show you your profile picture, followed by your name and your email address, on the password / PIN entry screen. An email address being visible in plain sight is a serious concern to some users and that is why we made a guide on how to remove it a month ago.

As of the latest Insider Preview Build 14328, you now have the ability available in Windows which will let you toggle the display of email address on lock screen, depending on your choice. As with the previous builds, each one gives us a glimpse on the upcoming features to be for the impending Anniversary Update later this year and another update at the start of 2017.

It is fair to see that a feature such as this is is definitely high in community demand, which is why it has made its way into the latest build. In fact, Microsoft themselves say it in their official Windows blog.

Email Address On Windows 10 Lockscreen – Toggle On or Off

If you wish to enable or disable email address on Windows 10 lock screen simply follow the steps below, but do keep in mind that the below steps can only be done if you are on the Insider Preview Build 14328. We expect this feature to be included in Windows 10’s big update in June. If you aren’t a Windows Insider, follow our guide on how to hide email address and other personal information from the login screen using Group Policy editor.

Step 1: Press Windows Key + I and select Accounts.

Opening the settings page

Step 2: In here, click on the Sign-in options tab and you will see the option of “Privacy” in the highlighted area.

Finding the privacy button.

Step 3: In the Privacy menu, you will find options to toggle the display of your email address at the password entry screen between the on or off phase, this will depend on your preference, but if you are very anxious about security, then it’s best to leave it off.

Do keep in mind that simply making your email address / visible or invisible will not completely protect you from other dangers that lurk on the internet. This is simply a measure to protect your email address in a place where you are constantly around strangers such as a library or an unfamiliar place.

The ups and downs of not having your email address show on the login screen are easily debatable but in the long run it is more convenient (for me at least) to leave my email address there since it is rare for me to take my laptop to unfamiliar places and more to places I know are safe.

What is your preference when it comes to your email showing at the login screen? on or off? Let us know in the comments section below!