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Firefox-Edge is beautiful Microsoft Edge theme for Firefox

The looks of Microsoft Edge with Firefox’s power.

Microsoft made great strides forward in their web browser department when they released the Edge browser alongside Windows 10. It’s a departure from the Internet Explorer brand, which over time had become the butt of many, many jokes. Edge included a number of useful features, and feels better equipped to compete with the likes of Chrome and Firefox.

Now, Firefox has been bleeding market share for a long time now due to Chrome’s dominance. Yet, of course, when you look at the absolute numbers, Mozilla’s browser is still used by millions of people. For those people who enjoy Firefox, have used and liked Microsoft Edge’s look on Windows 10, there is a new theme called Firefox Edge.

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Edge-ey looks


What developer sapierens has done is pretty simple: they’ve replaced Firefox’s curvy, bubbly looks with Edge’s sharper version of things. This means the curvy tab design is replaced by a sharply cornered one. The bubbly icons are replaced with sleaker ones lifted directly from Edge. The hamburger menu is also replaced by a three-dot menu.

What’s more is that the developer has even included a dark mode that makes Firefox really easy to use in low-light environments like your mom’s basement.

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To install the theme, you will need to do a little more than just download a file. There’s a few steps involved, which are readily available on the project’s GitHub page – linked below. You’ll need to first install the Stylish plugin for Firefox. Then, you’ll head to Firefox Edge’s Userstyle’s page to choose the Light or the Dark theme. Then, you just click on Install with Stylish to preview and install the theme. Voila! Not at all difficult for anyone with basic computer skills.

Firefox Edge theme for Mozilla Firefox [GitHub]

We’ll be keeping an eye on more interesting themes for Microsoft Edge.